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Secretly Stupid

If you've ignored your better judgement and checked out Secret Girlfriend on Comedy Central, then you already know it's the worst show on television. The constant sexism and occasional racism are big problems, but to find out what makes this show so unwatchably bad, look no further than the description from

Based on's groundbreaking comedy...

Adventures in Feministory: Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy

As a radical feminist, raging homo, and recovering Catholic, I’ve rarely, if ever, felt compelled to wax poetic about any organization affiliated with the Catholic Church. Then I met a Sister of Mercy, and my dogmatic belief in Catholicism’s all-encompassing evil was shot dead on the spot.

The Sisters of Mercy work internationally to promote social justice in ways that are...

Carly Welch Takes It Up a Notch

Back in the day, Carly Welch was told to "take it down a notch." Then eight-years-old, she was playing on a recreational softball league with coaches who advised her to not throw or hit as hard as she could. The concern? She might hurt someone.

I can see it.

There's nothing subtle about Subtle Sexuality.

According to their fan site, Subtle Sexuality is “a girl group that features two divalicious divas: the beautiful and mysterious KELLY KAPOOR and the pretty ERIN HANNON.” Of course, for those of us who watch NBC’s

Five Reasons to Attend Girl Fest 2009

Girl Fest Hawaii is now in its sixth year of combating violence against women through a week of art, music, and workshops. This year’s festival, which runs from this Saturday, Nov 7th until the 14th in Honolulu is going to be just as great as ever! Check out these five (of many) reasons to attend or support Girl Fest Hawaii after the jump!

Laura Ricketts Is First Openly Gay Owner Of A Pro Team

Believe it: pro sports just got more inclusive. Laura Ricketts is now an owner of the Chicago Cubs. She is also an out lesbian who serves on the board of Lambda Legal, which is the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

This means that the Cubs have the first openly gay owner in Major...

The Body Electric: Alexis Amann on Bearded Ladies, Narwhals, and Riot Grrls

Girl Loves Narwhal, 2008 (acrylic gouache on paper)

Alexis Amann, a San Francisco based artist, creates art that reimagines the familiar in the world of myth. In the sprawling, inventive landscape of her work, women find soulmates in Narwhals, bearded ladies pal around with kindly demons, and harpies look a lot like Riot Grrls. She has adapted, reappropriated, and...

Rock of Dove

For the last several years, Dove has been busily branding itself as a socially conscious company on a mission to improve women's self-esteem. Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty strives " to free ourselves and the next generation from beauty stereotypes." This is supposedly done through thought-provoking ads, confidence-building programs, and messages that embrace all definitions of beauty...

I've Been Loving You For What Is Probably An Appropriate Amount of Time: Farewell to She Pop

Well, here we go: it is the end of my time at Bitch. And the end, sadly enough, of She Pop. That happened really fast, you guys! I kind of felt like we were just learning how to talk to each other! But it has been a good ride, I would think. And I hope it has been so for you as well. There has been a lot of shouting, some excitement; all in all, everything you want from a show. 


Top Ten Reasons Why This Feminist is a Sports Fan: #8

Drum roll please.

The Top Ten countdown rolls on. My #8 reason for loving sports is ...