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Rad Ladies Who Draw Comics: Annie Murphy

Annie Murphy is a Portland-based artist whose new comic is making waves in the self-publishing world.

Murphy discovered the title of her historical/biographical/autobiographical comic "I Still Live" written on the tombstone of 19th-century spiritualist Achsa Sprague. At the age of 20, Sprague came down with a joint disease which caused her to spend the next six years bedridden. But in...

Jock Bitch: Because a Pun about Balls was too easy

Hi there, sports fans. My name is Jonanna Widner, and for the next couple months I'm going to be doing the guest-blogging about the nexus of sports and feminism. Said guest blog will fall under the name "Jock Bitch."

To start, I thought I'd just sort of spell out my relationship to/with sports, which hopefully will explain why I think sports are a feminist subject, and serve as an...

The Secret History of Women in Rock- Charlotte and Christine Vinnedge of the Luv'd Ones

Charlotte and Christine Vinnedge were two sisters that decided to step outside of traditional gender roles and play Rock music together during the mid-’60s. They became the foundation of two different bands, the Tremolons and the Luv’d Ones, and were acting on Feminist principles before the Second Wave of Feminism had even become a national movement. To learn more about these truly...

Michelle Obama, Mom-in-Chief

“Sexism subjects women to many tyrannies, but intersectionality ensures that all women are not subjected to the same ones. That America recognizes Michelle Obama as the black mother of black children, that she is comfortable and able to make the personal decision to choose motherhood for a time, I think, is a good thing. It represents a step outside of the stereotype trifecta of Mammy...

Sandra Naujoks: A Model Millionaire Poker Player

Welcome to Poker Babes. Sexiest Women of Poker. Why is Google more interested in the way these ladies look than how they're making mad cash off a keen intellect and sly ability to out bluff their opponents?

Adventures in Feministory: Frances Perkins and the New Deal

1935 was an interesting year, to say the least. Capitalism, the industrialization of the labor market, and, most importantly, the Great Depression, had combined to create a perfect storm that left American workers and their families facing unprecedented hardships with little help from the government to overcome them. President Roosevelt faced the gargantuan task of coming up with...

That's a hulk of a statement, Mr. Hogan

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Hulk Hogan says he can empathize with OJ Simpson, alluding to the 1994 murders of Simpson's wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her boyfriend Ronald Goldman. Hogan and his wife, Linda Bollea (Hogan's real name), split up in November 2007 when Bollea filed for divorce. She has since started dating a much younger man, which apparently angers Hogan to the...

Rad Ladies Who Draw Comics: Hellen Jo

This past weekend was the fifth annual Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, and while I won’t spend too much time on the rather decentralized and chill atmosphere of the festival, the focus on independent and alternative comics, and gorgeous weather from the weekend, I would like to showcase some of the women comic artists there! April is Comics Month (at least in this town), so this week...

Orgasm, Inc.

“Forty-three per cent of American women suffer from female sexual dysfunction. Or do they?” Is “female sexual dysfunction” a real disease? Or is it just a marketing ploy invented by Big Pharma in hopes of profiting from “female Viagra”? These are the questions documentary filmmaker Liz Canner set out to answer in Orgasm, Inc.

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