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BitchTapes: Wishful Springing Edition


 In that magic few weeks when springtime is imminent, the days are newly long, and the sun, while not in full effect, is at least making its presence known, I can’t get enough of simple, yummy, classic pop songs. Here in Portland, these days have recently been more frustrating than magical, with rain and even hail upstaging the sunny bits and making it unclear when we can expect...

sm[art]: Anna Deavere Smith and the Art of Politics

In times of war (check), political and economic upheaval(check), and social tension (check), artists are in a unique position to stoke democracy and to put pressure on the state, or, as the case may be, the banks, the corporations, “the man”, etc. “In my experience, when things are upside down,” actress and writer Anna Deavere Smith said in a PBS interview in 2006, “there’s an...

Runway Robot Debuts Old Stereotypes

There’s a new brand of supermodel in town, and, good news for the fashion industry, hunger-fuelled temper tantrums aren’t part of her coding. It’s the HRP-4C fembot, who made her entrance down the catwalk at Tokyo Fashion Week last month.

In Memoriam

Imagine being teased and harassed by your peers–“You’re gay!” “You’re girlie!” “You’re a fag!”—because you don’t conform to their expectations of you based on your gender.

Imagine that this happens every day at school.

Imagine that you are 11 years old.

What if every week your mother pleaded with the officials at your school to...

Booby Trap

Thank you, Lynn Harris, for saving me from writing the much longer post that's been percolating in my head. In an opinion piece published yesterday at NPR, "Bottle or Breast: Which Is Best," Harris takes precise aim at the latest volleys in the (mostly manufactured) Mommy Wars: Feeding the Baby edition, calling "the whole breastfeeding 'debate,' such as it is" a "tempest in a sippy cup."...

Deirdre Does Burlesque

An opera singer with stage fright, a stay-at home mother who's tired of seeking societal approval, a dark and twisty virgin, and a young woman who has struggled with body hatred and bulimia are among the ten women who seek out Miss Indigo Blue's Academy of Burlesque for an opportunity to change their lives in just six weeks—and Deirdre Allen Timmons' A Wink and a Smile captures their...

Art + Domestic Violence Redux

This comes on the heels of my previous post about art and domestic violence.

John Waters’ pop art portrayal of the relationship between Ike and Tina Turner is all-too-accurate.

As a director of some of the most acclaimed highbrow B-movies of all time, Supertouch amigo JOHN WATERS needs no further introduction. Quietly working the night shift as a fine artist for years...

French Elle Goes Au Naturel

While the April Issue of French Vogue features a somewhat creepy spread of model Lily Donaldson equipped with a pretend pregnancy, baby doll, and high-fashion look, this month's French Elle issue is trying something different...models shot without makeup or Photoshopping. Yippee!

Sex and the Seniors

Monday night’s Daily Show had a segment wherein Jason Jones traveled down to Florida to find out about senior citizens’ sex lives. Here’s the video, in case you missed it: </ br>

</ br> I found this video to be pretty interesting (although WTF is up with the sexual assault guy?), since I don’t spend that much time thinking about how STDs affect seniors (...

For Realz?: The First Woman Admiral on TV?

In the wake of this week's news events, Spike TV has announced that it's launching a reality TV show following the U.S. Navy's anti-piracy forces near the Horn of Africa, tentatively called Pirate Hunters: USN.

Well, I hope Pirate Hunters USN will note that the current head of the U.S. Navy's anti-piracy task force is Rear Admiral Michelle Howard (pictured at right), who in 1999 became...