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"The black dyke got it wrong”

…so says the ever…quotable Christopher Hitchens.

As if Wanda Sykes could give a two shits about the “rules” to which he refers–rules which presumably don’t apply to people who look like Rush Limbaugh, but do apply to people who look like Wanda Sykes.  For more from the “We Can Dish It, But We Can’t Take It” files, read on…

I won’t...

Fairuz: Legendary Chanteuse of Lebanon

Singer, Fairuz (Lebanese for 'turquoise'), is one of Lebanon's most celebrated national treasures. Don't take my word for it though—she's often referred to as the Soul of Lebanon, our Ambassador to the Stars, the Arab's Ambassador, Neighbor to the Moon and the Poet of the Voice. Listen to her amazing voice after the jump!

Selena Roberts, Part Two

This past week, sports-wise, we had a bit of a truth crisis. We had Manny Ramirez’s 50-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance—about which he had previously lied. We had the release of a book on Alex Rodriguez—who also previously lied about his steroid use. The book was written by a woman who, while not a liar, plays dangerous games with what’s true....

A Celebration of Caribbean Authors

Calabash International Literary Festival hopes to provide a space that fosters the region's literary history and the work of modern day writers.

Timberlake Double Feature: Fake Boobs and Motherlovers

Former boy band-er and current Michael Jackson wannabe (hey, I love him, but he’s no King of Pop) Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend. While funny, a few of these JT SNL (omg acronyms!) sketches are crying out for a bit o’ feminist analysis. Let’s give it to them!

Check out the “Dick In A Box” follow-up, “Motherlover”:

A pros/cons discussion...

Bitch benefit party in Montana, ya'll!

Here at Bitch, we are all about grassroots support. We like getting out there and meeting our readers and supporters face-to-face and we rely so much on your support to make what we do happen. You’ve heard of our House Party fundraising drive and I thought, how can I sit here and expect the masses to kick it with their friends in the name of Bitch and not woman-up and do it...

Nicole Georges pays tribute to the Queer Animal Kingdom

Friend and contributor to the magazine, Nicole Georges, was featured in a mini-documentary recently on I thought I would share because I’m always inspired by how genuine and positive her work is. She touches a lot on her personal relationships (so relatable and painfully honest), but often also weaves her love of animals in to her work as well. This documentary is...

Adventures in Feministory: Claudette Colvin

It’s time to remember Claudette Colvin’s “forgotten contribution.”


Coming onto the German hipster scene just one year ago, Missy Magazine looks at pop culture, fashion, art, sex, and music through a feminist lens. (Hmmm… sounds like a US-based feminist magazine I know. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)

For Realz?: Why Do I Always Root For Females?

Okay, I didn't like Cara and Jaime very much either, what with all the ugly American behavior all season, but why can't an all-female team win the Amazing Race? It's frustrating!