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Art + Domestic Violence Redux

This comes on the heels of my previous post about art and domestic violence.

John Waters’ pop art portrayal of the relationship between Ike and Tina Turner is all-too-accurate.

As a director of some of the most acclaimed highbrow B-movies of all time, Supertouch amigo JOHN WATERS needs no further introduction. Quietly working the night shift as a fine artist for years...

French Elle Goes Au Naturel

While the April Issue of French Vogue features a somewhat creepy spread of model Lily Donaldson equipped with a pretend pregnancy, baby doll, and high-fashion look, this month's French Elle issue is trying something different...models shot without makeup or Photoshopping. Yippee!

Sex and the Seniors

Monday night’s Daily Show had a segment wherein Jason Jones traveled down to Florida to find out about senior citizens’ sex lives. Here’s the video, in case you missed it: </ br>

</ br> I found this video to be pretty interesting (although WTF is up with the sexual assault guy?), since I don’t spend that much time thinking about how STDs affect seniors (...

For Realz?: The First Woman Admiral on TV?

In the wake of this week's news events, Spike TV has announced that it's launching a reality TV show following the U.S. Navy's anti-piracy forces near the Horn of Africa, tentatively called Pirate Hunters: USN.

Well, I hope Pirate Hunters USN will note that the current head of the U.S. Navy's anti-piracy task force is Rear Admiral Michelle Howard (pictured at right), who in 1999 became...

For Realz?: I Dreamed A Dream

Everyone’s already linked to this, but why not us too? Here’s every quiet woman’s perfect revenge fantasy, seemingly-meek Susan Boyle, mocked by the TV audience for her spinsterhood and middle-aged looks, showing up Simon Cowell and all the haters on Britain’s Got Talent with a lovely version of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miz. I know what she’s been dreaming a...

The Souls (and Hair) of Black Girls

“The average age of entry into prostitution today in the Untied States is 13 years old.” The stories of some of the girls whose lives bear out this disturbing statistic are told in Very Young Girls, one of three documentaries in recent years that examine the lives of black girls and women.

Very Young Girls

Very Young Girls is a documentary film that chronicles the journey of...

Lovin' Leggings, Luxurious Gem Sweaters, and Leslie and the LY's

WARNING: What you are about to see will amaze, delight, and possibly cause you to make a closet full of gem sweaters. Straight out of the Midwest, the following artist has been sweeping the nation, rapping about everything from zombies to gold pants, breaking down the barriers that divide us by turning people of all types into Junior Gems. Blog readers, meet Leslie Hall! </ br> </ br...

The Rock of Love Bus Finale Screwed Women In More Ways Than One

Those of you who, like me, have been hooked on VH1's Rock of Love Bus this season (perhaps against some of your better feminist judgment), may have found last night's finale a bit unfulfilling. Not only was it a challenge to care whether it was Taya or Mindy (the two final contestants) who won Bret's cowboy-hat loving heart in the end, but the episode broke some new and unsettling...

And the Loser Is...

It's been a long, bizarre, offensive battle, but the results from last week's Offensive Commercial Showdown are in! With 27% of the vote, which ad reigns supreme as the most offensive? (Drum roll sound here, please...)

And the loser is... ORANGINA!!!

Thanks to everyone who voted! Watch (or re-watch) the video, see the uber-creepy "making of" the commercial, and nominate...

You really, really like us!

From the department of last minute self-promotion, Bitch is proud to announce we’ve been nominated for the Best International Feminist Blog in the 2009 Canadian F-Word Awards! We found out today, which is lucky since the polls are open until…tomorrow! Show us some love by visiting the F-Word Site and voting for us!