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For Realz?: This Week In Reality TV Catfights

This week in reality TV girlfights...Hello! I'm the new reality TV blogger for Bitch! Please be warned in advance, these posts won't be terribly deep. Also, there are some spoilers.

Just me, or has this week on reality TV just basically been women arguing with each other? A terrible affront to feminists everywhere, or the very reason why reality TV was invented in the first place???? We...

Bizarre Intersection of Pregnancy, Sexualization, and Infantilization

Ah, where to begin? The April issue of French Vogue features British model Lily Donaldson in a photo spread that nearly robs me of words. With a psuedo-pregnancy going on, Donaldson is shot smoking, tossing a baby doll, and engaging in other (not so) motherly behaviors, often appearing quite childlike in the doing. More after the jump.

Ceci N'est Pas Une Douche?

The Francophones among us know that douche actually means shower in the language of love. Of course, we here in the US have reappropriated it and turned it into something far creepier, but for today's Douchebag Decree it seems only fair to keep in mind that douche can mean more than one thing. Not only is the recipient of today's decree French himself, but he also exists in a gray area...

Totally Syked

I’m sure that pun’s been done, but Wanda Sykes is slotted to have her own late night show on Saturdays on Fox! According to the New York Times, Sykes’ show may replace the wasn’t-canceled-soon-enough MAD TV. I’m not a big late-night TV fan–I just can’t handle watching Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig “WTF? (Why’s This Funny?)” Ferguson, and especially...

Gratulerar, Sverige!

When I was growing up, my friend's mom had a sticker on the back of her minivan that said "Happiness is Being Swedish." If The Knife, Ikea, and meatballs weren't enough to convince you of the truth of that statement, here is a new reason for you: Same-sex marriage is now officially legal in Sweden!

Peregrine Honig's Purdy Birds

Peregrine Honig’s work, like her name, strikes you immediately and is hard to forget. My friend Pia would take me gallery hopping in our hometown of Kansas City, which is where I first discovered her work…

Fat Activism Gone Right... or Wrong?

What do Beth Ditto, Club Bounce, and "More to Love" have in common? Fierce and fabulous fatness, of course!

Adventures In Feministory: Cherrie Moraga

Cherrie Moraga is featured in this week's Adventures In Feministory because she is one of the most influential and visible Latina feminists of our time. Moraga revolutionized the feminist movement in 1981 with the release of This Bridge Called My Back: Writings By Radical Women of Color, a collection she co-edited with Gloria Anzaldua. She is a writer, a lesbian, an editor a poet and an...

Gossip About Gossip Girl

Like a feminist moth to a vapid, materialistic flame, I am drawn to Gossip Girl. I know it's kind of ridiculous, but sometimes I like that in a television show. Besides, I think they push the envelope in a positive way from time to time when it comes to sexuality and gender politics. (Right? RIGHT?!?) However, even the Gossip Girl fan in me did a double take when I saw this Rolling Stone cover...

I Just Love Bratmobile: A Video Roundup



So, I know that I talk about Bratmobile all the time (this is not my first time using the “bratmobile” tag), but I really can’t emphasize enough how large of a role they played in my understanding of feminism and general personal development.

Read more of my gushing and watch some awesome videos after the jump!