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Hey Apatow Boy's Club! Meet “The Fempire”



Following the release of "I Love You, Man" and the Vanity Fair cover story on "Comedy's New Legends" (read: Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, and Jonah Hill), the New York Times article on "Hollywood's New Power Posse" could predictably be about Judd Apatow and his crew of man-boys (and his wife, Leslie Mann), who are inevitably involved in every project together....

Ab Sad: Yet another amazing Brit comedy is being remade stateside


So here we go again with yet another UK comedy import. This time, Fox is adapting Absolutely Fabulous for American audiences starring Kathryn Hahn as Edina Monsoon (Revolutionary Road, Crossing Jordan) and Kristen Johnson as Patsy Stone (Third Rock from the Sun, Bride Wars).

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BitchTapes: Dancin' With Myself

Billy Idol was right: solo dance parties are the jam, and we all know it! So here is a mix of tunes that always get my feet movin' and my hips shakin'. Work it!

Taking Weight Loss Promotion to New Lows!


From Sociological Images, a health club in the Netherlands is using a bus stop that advertises both the gym and the weight of the person sitting on the bench.

Um, what?!?!

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Pope: Just Say 'No' to Condoms

As if reinforcing gender roles, blaming sex abuse within the Church on homosexuality, and rescinding the 20-year-old excommunication of a bishop who denies the Holocaust (while simultaneously supporting the excommunication of pro-choicers) weren't enough…

SM{ART} // Futurefarmers: Cultivating your consciousness.

In what is probably the grossest understatement posted on this blog so far, these be tough times right now. With the hailstorm that is our economy, international policy, unemployment rate, climate change and much more, sometimes it's very difficult to be positive. While it's great to think globally, it's often beneficial to start and act locally. Futurefarmers is an...

SciFli(ckr): Smithsonian's photo gallery of Women in Science

I'm an unabashed Flickr addict. I'd take it over myfriendsterfacebook any day. It's the ultimate way to feel connected to what my friends and family are up to, it's great for sharing work with my design students as well as for them to share their own work with me, and it allows me to transport myself to places I've been and love with the click of a button (ie: search> Lake District...

Austin Update! Short and sweet.

The Kill Rock Stars show was great! The floor was full from noon o’clock on, when Portland locals Explode into Colors hit the stage. This three piece trio wowed the crowd outside their Pacific Northwest with Klaudia’s vocals and the awesome drumming from Lisa and Heather. The Paper Chase, Horsefeathers, Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down, Marnie Stern, and the Thermals followed...

Getting slimed, in more ways than one

A group of concerned mothers deeming themselves “Twittermoms” created a petition to remove previously decreed Douchebag Chris Brown from the list of Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards nominees. The petition also called for Rihanna’s removal because “had she made the rational decision to accept the no-contact order and end the relationship, she would not be named”. Brown withdrew from the...

Allien Landing Stateside


I originally heard German electronic strongwoman, Ellen Allien in 2003 when her first full length album, Berlinette, arrived on the scene. Her stop/start beats and the warmth of her spoken words on top ('Need a planet without cars and wars—no wars—no cars—no wars—no cars. I wish it could be true...) got me right away. Well, she hasn't stopped since (and really she'd be going on for...