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"How Well do you know Women??” I took the quiz to find out.

Quizzes abound on Facebook, but one in particular caught my eye as I spied on my friends' status updates this morning. It asks, "How Well do you know Women??" (rest assured that the capitalization errors are theirs, not mine).

Anyway, although this quiz claims to be "For Men Only!!" it has made me curious. How well DO I know women? What if it turns out that I don't know them at...

the storytelling and social art of Paula Rego

I first learned about Paulo Rego when I was a teenager working in a bookstore, I spent endless hours of dead time flipping through the giant Phaidon book devoted to her work. Since then I have taken art classes on and off for ten years now and am shocked that not one of my teachers has ever brought up her work. It is just a reminder to me how women artists can slip into the cracks so...

5 Totally Random Things I'd Like a Moratorium On...Forever

Read on for 5 things I don’t want to read about anymore:

1. Stories about and video clips of Britney Spears’ public menses-related mishaps. This keeps happening (if the reports are even true) because she’s mentally ill, very forgetful, or terribly overwhelmed. Either way, give her a break.  

2. People like Susan Smith, Charles Stewart, Ashley Todd, and...

For Realz?: I Bitched About Hitched Or Ditched

If I were in a same-sex relationship in California and looking to formalize my commitment to my partner, this new show on the CW, Hitched or Ditched, would not be improving my mood right about now. They pick a straight, non-engaged couple and surprise them with an ambush wedding in one week? Srsly? And they won’t let couples who’ve been together for over 20 years and have...

A Buffy Movie Without Joss Whedon? WTF is the Point of That?

Did anyone else see that a new Buffy The Vampire Slayer film is being made, but that Joss Whedon won't be involved? WTF is the point of that?

Without Whedon, won't the film just be a remake of the decidedly less kick-ass1992 original? WHY MUST HOLLYWOOD SUCK THE LIFE (and feminism) OUT OF EVERYTHING GOOD?!?

For Realz?: The Divorcees

OK, Gretchen Bonaduce and Danielle from Real Housewives of NJ are both maybe a little psycho, but can we get a little bit of love for these two plucky divorcees trying to pick themselves up and move on with their lives? No?


Iranian filmmaker Lila Ghobady speaks about resistance and Iranian underground cinema.

Lady Twanged the Blues: Karen Dalton

Folk songwriter Fred Neil said Karen Dalton “sure could sing the shit out of the blues,” and Bob Dylan said she sang like Billie Holiday and played guitar like Jimmy Reed. Dylan’s description wouldn’t be the last time this under-the-radar folk singer was likened to Lady Day. Like Holiday, Dalton’s haunting croon completely transforms whatever folk, blues, or pop...

It's Feminism's Fault!: Ross Douthat edition

I almost don't want to give the New York Times the pageviews it was obviously courting in publishing Ross Douthat's stunningly underthought and journalistically sloppy column "Liberated and Unhappy." But those of you who've read Beth Skwarecki's article "Mad Science: Deconstructing Bunk Reporting in 5 Easy Steps" will immediately recognize the tricks Douthat uses in his "analysis" of the...

Hey Women Lawyers: Men Judges Think Your Outfits are Out of Order!

Last week, at a panel session during the Seventh Circuit Bar Association in Indianapolis, a couple of judges aired a grievance regarding women in the courtroom. Their complaint? Lady lawyers are dressing too damn sexy!

Discussion of this all-important issue included the thought by Chief Judge Michael McCluskey that some women come to court wearing "skirts so short that there's...