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Tube Tied: Why Television Is Good For Women, and an Introduction

Hi Bitch blog readers! I'm a sometime blogger (under an assumed name, mostly, but my sorely neglected personal blog is here) and I can't tell you how excited I am to be associated with Bitch even briefly. I am incredibly honored to get to talk to and with you for the next few weeks about women and television, a subject about which I am embarrassed to say I know entirely too much.


Page Turner: Farai Chideya on Fiction, Feminism, and Sophie

It’s hard to be a consumer of media these days and not encounter the work of author and multi-media journalist Farai Chideya. She founded the online journal Pop + Politics in 1995 (practically a lifetime ago in online years); authored three nonfiction books that chronicle some of the most pressing social justice issues of our time; appeared as a political analyst on CNN and other...

I Can Has Feminizm?

Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me” could be heard ‘round the world this week, commemorating the untimely death of writer/director/producer John Hughes, whose films shaped many a feminist mind during the 1980s (Molly Ringwald was one sassy teen, after all). Well don’t worry John Hughes, we won’t forget about you, and to prove it, this installment of feminizt LOLz was...

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Shock and...Yawn.

My fellow bitches, let's talk about sex! Welcome to Bed, Bitch and Beyond, a frank and wide-ranging look at sex and relationships from a positive, feminist, non-judgmental, liberal--and liberated--viewpoint. And we welcome your viewpoint and experiences too. As we say in my native South, "y'all come visit, hear?"

Page Turner-Rave On: Julie Zeilinger on Full Frontal Feminism

“Rave On” is the Page Turner series that asks feminist writers, artists, musicians, activists, leaders, and scholars to talk about a book that completely rocked their world. Today we feature FBomb founder and teenage feminist Julie Zeilinger on Full Frontal Feminism, by Jessica Valenti.

Many books have shaped my feminist identity. Gloria Steinem’s ...

Spotlight on Tarantino Part 3: The Clip Show!

Thank you all for a great conversation this week regarding the question “Is Quentin Tarantino a feminist?”

Responses were as varied as could be expected and ranged from expressions of the power and strength one may feel after watching Zoë, Abernathy, and Kim, and a desire to adapt Beatrix Kiddo’s better qualities; resilience, confidence and physical prowess.

Others have...

BitchTapes: The Self-Esteem Awareness Month Edition

In response to a Gold’s Gym marketing campaign that declared July “Cankles Awareness Month” (WTF, douchebags?!) Imagine Today deemed August Self-Esteem Awareness Month. To celebrate, I’ve put together a few songs about standing up for yourself, being yourself, celebrating that self and flaunting it. And for the record, I think your calves and ankles look fantastic.

Bitch seeks new intern

We've got a new internship opening up here at Bitch Media this month and would LOVE it if you all could help us spread the word - we are seeking to fill the position as soon possible.

The "Publishing Intern" works with our Operations Director and other staff on the nuts and bolts of running a non-profit media organization. The intern gains in-depth knowledge of independent media...

Books for the Anti-Princess Girl-Feminist

Peggy Orenstein grapples with it and so do many other feminist mamas, aunts, sisters, cousins, dads and uncles: what to buy your girl-feminist.

A Bitch reader named Maura recently wrote to us asking readers to weigh in about the “best books for budding feminists,” especially six- and eight-year-old girls.

So, please take two seconds to channel your feminist girl-self and talk...