Latest Articles is over women being easy!

Oh, you harbinger of antiquated sex values, you never disappoint in your oblivious celebration of the most backwards of relationship advice and unadulterated ignorance.

"Stacy Jones" wrote to's relationship misogynist columnist Curt Smith wondering why handsome Daniel never called her back after she 'fessed up to having slept with 43 men. Shockingly, Curt's...

South Korean Feminists Look Good in a Tiara

In a show of humorous feminist triumph, a group of South Korean women organized the eleventh annual Anti-Miss Korea Festival to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the death of the beauty pageant in South Korea...

Introducing... 'On the Map'

Last month I watched German electronic band Mouse on Mars light the crowd on fire at Soho, a posh nightclub in Kolkata, India. A hundred desi girls and boys bounced awkwardly around the tiny dance floor—beer in one hand, cigarette in the other—as the experimental techno screaming from the speakers deafened everyone temporarily. This is not the India you see in Bollywood movies.

Deal with it! The Breeders have a new EP!

Seeing as their last full-length Mountain Battles took six years to come out (when you gotta tour with the Pixies, you gotta tour with the Pixies), it’s nice to see the Breeders aren’t slowing down any time soon! Fate to Fatal, the four track vinyl, is limited edition, so get your listening on in while the listening’s good! Read on for a mini review, the title-track...

Euro-time is Gonna Come

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of watching my Dallas Mavericks polish off the San Antonio Spurs in Round One of the Western Conference playoffs. The Mavs won the best-of-seven series pretty decisively, this last game on the strength of the performance of their star player, Dirk Nowitzki.

Sojourner Truth, Unveiled

The leaders of the [women's suffrage] movement trembled on seeing a tall, gaunt black woman in a gray dress and white turban, surmounted with an uncouth sunbonnet, march deliberately into the church, walk with the air of a queen up the aisle, and take her seat upon the pulpit steps. A buzz of disapprobation was heard all over the house, and there fell on the listening ear, 'An...

sm[art] // Maya Deren: Pioneer and Experimental Filmmaker

My introduction to this week's sm[art]ist came from an exercise in a film class I had taken. The professor was having us list off as many female directors as we could think of and, as you could imagine, the list ended up being fairly short. In addition to Jane Campion, Amy Heckerling, and Julie Taymor, Maya Deren's name came up.

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The Feminist Stays In The Picture

Although, like always, there is a lot of hard-hitting feminist news coming down the wire today (this New York Times article on women’s studies programs comes to mind), sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and watch some video clips. After all, it’s Wednesday, and we could all use a media-fueled brain break every once in awhile.

In the interest of said brain break,...

Court confirms that feminism is not a religion and that Roy Den Hollander is a waste of its time


Remember Roy Den Hollander, the righteously antifeminst New York lawyer whose greatest hits of frivolous litigation include, "Ladies' Nights Are Unfair to Men," "The Violence Against Women Act is Unconstitutional to ME!," and "My Mail-Order Bride Left Me to Become a Stripper, I'm Gonna Sue the Club Where She Works"? Well, you'll be relieved to know that his most recent waste of a...

Performing Inspiration in a Tough Economy

While being a musical vagabond is in Ani DiFranco's blood, the changing face of the music industry in a sinking economy has made touring for this feminist icon a financial necessity.