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Where Have All the Riot Grrrls Gone? Pop Music and “Post-Feminism”

There was a pretty interesting article in yesterday's Houston Chronicle about some of today's female pop stars. The author, Steve Haruch, describes how candy pop acts like The Veronicas, Katy Perry, and Lady GaGa are consistently referred to as "post-feminist" by the media without there being much evidence for the claim (save for perhaps some glitter and a song about faux-lesianism).


PETA is a Bunch of Bull

Good thing Carol Adams' The Sexual Politics of Meat is being re-released this year. Twenty years after its original publication and still PETA thinks objectifying women is an effective strategy to end animal cruelty.

Gay Animals: They're All Around You!

Not only is it natural to be gay, but biologists this week reported that same-sex mating is a nearly universal phenomena. It turns out 30 percent of one type of female Hawaiian albatross rears chicks with, well, other chicks. Let’s hear some cheers for the queers! In an article published this week in journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution researchers Nathan Bailey and Marlene Zuk...

NEA finds that Americans are attending fewer art-related events

Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Brown at Birdland, photo by Marcel Fleiss

So, the good news, as I see it anyway, according to a recent study by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), is that a third of Americans reported making art themselves. We're making it in the form of music, photography, weaving, sewing, painting, etc. Hooray! The bad news is that Americans are...

Adventures in (Anti)Feministory: Julius Fast presents Body Language

My parents have been in the process of moving, which means they've faced an onslaught of old photos, previously packed-away books and forgotten homemade crafts from years gone by. Among the findings is the 1970 gem, Body Language by Julius Fast. His most well known book, Body Language was on the New York Times Best Seller for 22 weeks after its initial publication and has remained in...

Twitter, Women, and Protest in Iran

The US State Department asked Twitter to delay an update that was scheduled for Monday in order to to allow for Iranians to tweet about the elections and facilitate the massive grassroots protests in Iran.

Reading Rainbow Redux: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible! By Jonathan Goldstein

Earlier today some people were discussing their love of the show Reading Rainbow in the Bitch comments section, and I was inspired to do my own Rainbow-style book review. Here are some of my thoughts on Jonathan Goldstein’s most recent book, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible!

To hear Jonathan Goldstein himself read these excellent stories, visit This American Life or WireTap.

Vivian Girls talk to Bitch!


Vivian Girls just finished a months-long tour that ended off in London. Somewhere in between SXSW and their jaunt overseas, Vivian Girls performed at Portland’s Holocene and took a minute to answer some fun, silly questions for Bitch. They tell us about their new album, their tattoos and what might have been had they not formed the band. They’re currently taking a well-...

We're looking for a design intern!

Hey all you makers of type and image—Bitch is looking for a design intern!

A Whole Not So New World: a less than radical reinterpretation of princesses

When I happened across this image on my Google Reader, I couldn't help but click through. AtJPG Magazine, I found "Fallen Princesses" project by Dina Goldstein. I was impressed with how the portrait "Snowy" ironically contrasted the cartoonish/iconic Disney outfits with a domestic scene out of the Feminine Mystique, Snow White staring coolly back at the camera all the while. Cool, must be a...