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Whiteout and Women On Screen


The trailer for the long-awaited movie adaptation of Greg Rucka’s and Steve Lieber’s Whiteout premiered last week, and the crime-thriller starring Kate Beckinsale looks pretty damn good. But why, oh why, did they need to include a shower scene in the freaking trailer?

I Can Has Feminizm?

Time for some more weekend fun with feminizt LOLz!

This kitteh is subverting gender norms the old fashioned way (with ill-advised guerrilla warfare). Doant try dis at home!

And it looks like this ostrich disagrees with Joanna Angel. Feminizm is not ugly in college or in the real world!

And this kitteh might be a bit misguided, but she doesn’t like...

A Hairy Situation for Women's Aid

When a group of hairdressers called The Hair Bares phoned the Scottish Women's Aid (SWA) to inquire about making a £600 donation (that's nearly $100 USD), they received something of a shock. The organization refused to take it.

Intimate Oppression: An Interview with Danzy Senna

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?: A Personal History is a memoir about one of the the more melancholy aspects of Danzy Senna’s childhood: her relationship with her father. Senna’s parents, an interracial couple, married in 1968 with dreams of being a part of an idyllic, multicultural family. This book is a complex blend of remembrance, internal exploration, and detective work, as...

Six Questions for Jessica Hopper on Girls' Guide to Rocking

There may be no one better to teach girls how to rock than music and culture critic Jessica Hopper. She’s clocked massive amounts of hours as a tour manager, band publicist, DJ, touring bassist, Girls Rock Camp booster, and fanzine publisher. Her “music-is-my-life” credo and infectious passion for young women and feminism are evident from even a split-second glance at her work.


Actress Spotlight: Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg is one of those fascinating Hollywood stories that reads like the plot of a dark Hollywood movie. Her tragic story is lesser known than say, Marilyn Monroe’s – though she was just as great a beauty. And her politics caused more damage to her life than that of her acting contemporaries – ultimately leading to her death at the all too young age of 40.

Lady Country

My Bitch Tapes mix this week is a celebration of the punkest women out there: the women of country music. While other genres largely excluded female musicians, women country singers back in the day were a dime a dozen (thank god!) Not even poverty, abusive husbands and managers, substance abuse issues, or a male-run music industry could keep these ladies away from the mic. It was hard to...

Dear Beauty Industrial Complex: Take Your LATISSE and Shove It.

Dear Women,

We realize that we’re already making you feel bad about your hair, breasts, lips, butt, legs, and overall body type, but our work is far from over. We would now like to introduce you to a new, hopefully self-esteem-lowering, chock-full-o-side-effects cosmetic designed to make you feel like your F*ING EYELASHES aren’t good enough. Please watch the following video...

Feminism: Cool in college, ugly in the “real world”

"[The word "feminist"] has an ugly ring to it. I actually stopped using the term a while ago because it sounds so mean. It sounds so unsexy. I think it's come to [indicate] angry women who don't like men at all and don't like having sex, so I can see why people stray away from it. It's not one of those things you want to bring up in everyday conversation. But I know I am one...

Daily Kos's Feminist Wish List -- What Do You Think?

What do you think needs to happen to the feminist movement in order for it to remain viable (and fun)? Blogger fgbm27 at The Daily Kos attempted to answer that question yesterday with the post 15 Aspects The Must Be Recognized in Third-Wave Feminism.

What do you think this feminist is putting on her list?

The list covers topics ranging from transsexual rights to cosmetic use,...