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Monday Fuzzies: Seattle School of Rock Covers Bikini Kill

I got a full night’s worth of sleep and the weather is beautiful in Portland, but sometimes you just need a little more to get through a Monday. So, consider this clip my gift to you:

Seeing those girls give Kathleen Hanna a run for her money just makes my riot grrrl heart grow three sizes bigger.

Handmade Nation was in my neck of the woods

Last night I had the chance to attend a screening of Handmade Nation at the Museum of Contemporary Craft here in Portland. Most of you are probably pretty familiar with the culture of DIY, but author and director, Faythe Levine has done a great job of bringing many of the diverse activities within the community (whether it be people who make things for fun or profit, galleries...

For Realz?: Running In Heels

I’ve always wanted to be a Bitch intern – I imagine it like a summer of fact-checking articles, some light filing, answering the phones (“Ms. Levit’s not available right now, can I take a message?”), processing donations and subscription requests, handling long-term office admin projects like indexing the library or something, and generally being available to do anything people...

"Like a Rejection": Madonna Denied

When people talk about Madonna as a symbol of female empowerment, I have to ask, "Empowering to whom?" Certainly not to the black and brown people populating her Sex book, her videos, or her film Truth or Dare. It is through this lens of Madonna's messy racial and sexual politics that I viewed her adoption of a child from Malawi three years ago, and her recent, thus-far-unsuccessful...

The Bitchin' 70s

I wasn’t even alive for the 70s, but there’s something about looking at photos from the decade – with their washed out lighting, feathered hair, and polyester galore – that makes me nostalgic. I picture myself cruising between N.O.W. and Black Panther rallies, with a stopover at a Germs or Blondie show thrown in for good measure. The 70s got to see some of the idealism from the...

For Realz?: This Week In Reality TV Catfights

This week in reality TV girlfights...Hello! I'm the new reality TV blogger for Bitch! Please be warned in advance, these posts won't be terribly deep. Also, there are some spoilers.

Just me, or has this week on reality TV just basically been women arguing with each other? A terrible affront to feminists everywhere, or the very reason why reality TV was invented in the first place???? We...

Bizarre Intersection of Pregnancy, Sexualization, and Infantilization

Ah, where to begin? The April issue of French Vogue features British model Lily Donaldson in a photo spread that nearly robs me of words. With a psuedo-pregnancy going on, Donaldson is shot smoking, tossing a baby doll, and engaging in other (not so) motherly behaviors, often appearing quite childlike in the doing. More after the jump.

Ceci N'est Pas Une Douche?

The Francophones among us know that douche actually means shower in the language of love. Of course, we here in the US have reappropriated it and turned it into something far creepier, but for today's Douchebag Decree it seems only fair to keep in mind that douche can mean more than one thing. Not only is the recipient of today's decree French himself, but he also exists in a gray area...

Totally Syked

I’m sure that pun’s been done, but Wanda Sykes is slotted to have her own late night show on Saturdays on Fox! According to the New York Times, Sykes’ show may replace the wasn’t-canceled-soon-enough MAD TV. I’m not a big late-night TV fan–I just can’t handle watching Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig “WTF? (Why’s This Funny?)” Ferguson, and especially...

Gratulerar, Sverige!

When I was growing up, my friend's mom had a sticker on the back of her minivan that said "Happiness is Being Swedish." If The Knife, Ikea, and meatballs weren't enough to convince you of the truth of that statement, here is a new reason for you: Same-sex marriage is now officially legal in Sweden!