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A Whole Not So New World: a less than radical reinterpretation of princesses

When I happened across this image on my Google Reader, I couldn't help but click through. AtJPG Magazine, I found "Fallen Princesses" project by Dina Goldstein. I was impressed with how the portrait "Snowy" ironically contrasted the cartoonish/iconic Disney outfits with a domestic scene out of the Feminine Mystique, Snow White staring coolly back at the camera all the while. Cool, must be a...

Featured Mom Blog: PunditMom

When I was asked to guest-blog for Bitch I knew I wanted to cover the mom angle. It's not so much that after becoming a mom that it's all I want to do, but rather, I still see a need to cover and promote feminist mom stuff. While there was quite a controversy last month on whether or not there is a divide between feminist blogs and mom blogs, I want to use this temporary soap box to point out...

Cartoons and the commercialization of childhood

Saturday morning cartoons was a rite of passage for many of us growing up in the USA in the 1980s. Smurfs, Transformers and even the WWF cartoon was on the docket each weekend. Yes, each of them were platforms for selling us cereal and toys, but it still stinks.

Last weekend PBS held "play dates" in Toys-R-Us stores in conjunction with its show "Super Why!" I love "Super Why!" because...

How Low Can We Go? Free Breast Implants For Nurses.

How do you keep female nurses working in low-playing jobs without improving their wages or conditions? Offer them breast implants, apparently. The New York Times reported on Sunday that hospitals in Prague lure nurses to renew their contracts by offering complimentary breast implants, liposuction and tummy tucks. "I feel better when I look in the mirror," explains one nurse, Petra Kalivodova...

We're hiring!

We're hiring a part time Operations and Development can read the job posting here!

I Can Has Feminizm?

More feminist LOLz for your weekend!

Awww, this li’l guy is resisting gender stereotypes, alright:

And let’s hope this possum doesn’t have to hang in there for too much longer:

We understand kitty – we hate douchebags too!

A big thank you to our readers who have been sending us their hilarious LOLz! You can make your...

Blank Noise Project - I Never Asked For It

Blank Noise Project works to end eve teasing (street harassment) in India by reclaiming public space for women through direct action and artistic projects intended to raise awareness.

Sign Location: Joggers Park in Mumbai (Photograph by Manu)

Jock Bitch Power Pack: Lady Dunx Edition

OK, so before addressing the controversy surrounding the use of the word “lame” in my earlier post (that one’s gonna take some time), allow me to share some videos I stumbled upon while gathering my thoughts on the WNBA. They’re all of women who can dunk. And, while I’m partially of the mind that women dunking might actually diminish what makes women’s hoops...

Bitch Tapes: Songs about Sailors

Maybe it’s Fleet Week (or perhaps Pride Week?), but I themed this playlist around sailors. Plus I’ve always found something very Romantic (with a capital R, if you didn’t notice) about the sea and sailors–longing for someone who’s not only far away, but far away indefinitely. As quirky a (loosely-based) theme as it seems, it led to some great tracks, from...

We Got Lame

I remember back when the WNBA started, back in 1997. I remember how the league’s slogan, “We Got Next,” was one of the best marketing slogans I’d ever heard….