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Wordstock, Bitches.

We here at Bitch are pleased as punch to announce that we’ve got a booth at this year’s Wordstock Festival! If you’re anywhere near the Portland area, you don’t want to miss this. Tons of great authors, an amazing book fair, fun events, and Bitch! Awww yeah.

Flowers for Feminism

Bitch is lucky enough to get special things in the mail from readers, makers and doers from time-to-time. Recently, one of these packages arrived for me from Kelly Abeln, Editor and Art Director of the publication, 'Cult of Flowers'.

Douchebag Decree: Peg Yorkin, Traitor to Womanity


I've got nothing but love for my fellow feminists out there in the trenches, working to raise money and fund programs and bring meaningful change. But when one of those feminists spits on and stomps all over our core values IN PUBLIC--I absolutely flame up like the Hindenberg. And my righteous feminist fury has been burning bright since last week, when I read this statement in the Los...

Don Draper: The Most Influential Fake Man of 2009

Yesterday, my bf emailed me an article from the consistently obnoxious and terrible men’s site Apparently, the hard-hitting journalists working over there were interested in determining the Most Influential Man of 2009, and the winner (chosen through a reader poll) was Mad Men’s fictional philanderer Don Draper. You know, because television characters should really be...

The Body Electric-Disembodied Voices: An Argument for Reading (and Radio)!

I love the meditations on science done by the folks at Radiolab about as much, if not more, as I love the magical, everyday brand of storytelling of This American Life (if you are not a listener of both, I highly suggest you download every episode possible as soon as you're done reading). Recently, as I completed my nightly bus trip home across the Bay Bridge, I listened to an episode...

Tube Tied: Pete Campbell Is A Rapist

Pete Campbell is a rapist.  On Sunday night's episode, he met a young au pair living in his building and helped her out of a difficult situation with her employers.  He propositioned her; she refused.  Later that evening, undeterred, he knocked on her door, forced her to let him in to avoid a scene, followed her into her bedroom, closed the door, and kissed her, leading her towards the bed. ...

Adventures In Feministory: Josephine Baker

For whatever inexplicable reason, I started watching Gossip Girl a few weeks ago. Tonight's episode featured Tyra Banks as an actress playing Josephine Baker in a movie. At some point during the episode, it was brought up that Baker was part of the underground Nazi resistance movement during WWII in France, which I did not know about (you can learn something from Gossip Girl, who knew...

A Big Feminist Yep to Leslie Knope

The general consensus at the end of Parks and Recreation last season was that the show was a sometimes funny, sometimes not, could be better Office knockoff (which was itself a knockoff). Well, times have changed.

It’s a new season for Parks and Recreation, and if you haven’t been tuning in yet you are missing out on a giant feminist treat: Deputy Director Leslie Knope....

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Red Hot Love

From the reader mailbag: Can you please talk about sex while you're on your period? Should I be offended if my boyfriend would rather not? Shouldn't he be willing to accept my body no matter which phase of the moon it is?

Well, this is one we've all dealt with many, many times, right?*

I think responses to menstrual blood vary widely. I personally have no problem...

The Consumed Issue will be in artsy company this week!

One night only...come see the 'Consumed Issue' shopping cart with fimo bits and bobs in real life (along with other food related art work)! The Cleaners, Ace Hotel, 403 SW 10th Ave., Portland

This is all part of Portland's Wordstock Festival. We'll be tabling at main event on the weekend as well if you can't make it Wednesday.