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The real Sarah Palin on SNL



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Get your DVRs ready, feminists, because the finale of this season's Project Runway airs tonight, and for the first time in the show's history all three contestants are female.

Grassroots media tour: San Antonio

Sneak Peak: sm{art}

Here's a random sampling of some of the pieces that will be for sale at the sm{art} silent auction on October 25. Check back for more sneak peaks periodically before the event!

Bitch clutch by a la mode

Sell tickets to sm{art} because we've got art!

Thanks to all of you, we've made our goal of 70 pieces of art for the auction next Saturday (October 25)!

Now, we need folks there to buy the art you all have so generously donated, to drink the beer that Captured by Porches has given and to eat the cupcakes that Portland gem, Saint Cupcake has supplied.

Please help us spread the word!

SNL's VP debate sketch

Is it my baggage and if so, how do I unpack it?

This week's damali ayo lecture has left my head spinning. Bear with me while I try to sort my thoughts, please? I'd known of damali's work for a few years, but this was the first time I'd seen her perform. As I expected, she's wickedly funny, extremely articulate, exceptionally bright, and undeniably charismatic. In her talk, "Shut up and change: A life as a social change artist," she...

Bitch cabaret in Gainesville tomorrow night

Bitch: It's a Noun, It's a Verb, It's a Magazine, Now it's a Cabaret! Saturday, October 4, 2008, 8:00 p.m. WARPhaus Gallery, 818 NW 1st Ave., Gainesville, Florida

Come enjoy artwork about feminism, sex, sexuality, sexism, gender...

Spoken word, performance art, video, music, painting, and more to celebrate and fundraise for Bitch! Work by Liz Femiano, Diana Smith, Nihusa Oviedo...

Heels for babes!

I can't believe this isn't a joke.