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The Box's Crush of the Week: Mindy Kaling

By taking her girly character to the extreme on The Office, Mindy Kaling's showing over 9 million viewers a week just how laughable feminine stereotypes can be. Plus, she'd be SUPER fun to go shopping with.

Pucked Up

Hear ye, hear ye! It is hereby declared that:

1) If you have been known to refer to yourself as "A-dog";

2) If you are such a jerk that even hockey players are embarrassed by your behavior;

3) If you spent the off-season interning at Vogue;

4) And, most importantly, if you publicly refer to your ex-girlfriend as "sloppy seconds"...

Guess who was on The Colbert Report last night?

We were! In the 'Nailed 'Em' segment on Radical Knitting.


Hello! My name is La Macha, and I'll be guest blogging at Bitch for the next bit! Usually I post at Vivir Latino with the unrivaled mami blogger; Maegan "la Mamita Mala" Ortiz. I thank the amazing Debbie for allowing me this opportunity to post here!

While I'm at Bitch, I'll be blogging about sports related 'stuff.' Now, before you roll your eyes and skip over my posts, let me just say...

Join the B-Hive!

This fall, we asked for your help and you told us overwhelmingly that Bitch was a worthy investment. In four weeks we received $74,000 in gifts from loyal readers like you. And thanks to you, we are moving forward with renewed purpose and inspiration. As we look to the future, we see clearly that you, our supporters, are the key to sustaining Bitch. That’s why we’re asking...

Record label finds belly threatening, natural

Amanda Palmer (brains behind Dresden Dolls, among other projects), was recently asked by her record label, Roadrunner, to cut scenes from her video "Leeds United," which features (along with a burlesque club, soccer fans, dancing girls) a few shots of Palmer's.....dunh dunh, Bowflex-free tummy! Mr. A&R wanted those shots edited, explaining, "I'm a guy, Amanda. I...

Prop 8 - The Musical

I wish once a week, it was “musical day,” where we sort out our disagreements through song. What would you like to see a musical about?

I love rock, and roll, and. . . Twilight?

So, in the latest Twilight-related news story, teen queen Kristin Stewart is going to play rocker Joan Jett in a new Runaways biopic. Is Stewart cool enough to pull this off? Is Twilight going to take over all of our lives and turn each of us into a bland-yet-attractive teenage vampire? Weigh in after the jump!

Bitch seeks highly-skilled editor

Please spread as far and wide as you possibly can...

B-Word/Bitch is a 12-year-old feminist nonprofit media organization that interrogates commercial culture via a magazine, a website, and assorted other media and outreach vehicles. Our founding editorial and creative director is transitioning to a broader organizational role, and so B-Word/Bitch is looking to hire a highly skilled...

You Be the BF and I'll Be the GF

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are easily TV's most hated couple. He's such a douche! She's such a pushover! And while Heidi always seems on the brink of coming to her senses breaking it off, their recent elopement would suggest otherwise.

Heidi's said publicly that they're both just playing parts, but why does the only remotely stable relationship on The Hills play out as boy = villain...