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Featured Mom Blog: NonCustodial Parent Community

Yup, you read that right. This week's featured mom blog, NonCustodial Parent Community, is written by a woman who doesn't live with her son. I was lucky to meet Rebekah Spicuglia last summer when I participated in the Progressive Women's Voices training program. She's the media manager for the Women's Media Center and introduced herself to me the first weekend. I immediately knew she really...

Where No Woman Has Gone Before: An Actress Spotlight on Nichelle Nichols

Stretching the definition of “film” just a bit for today’s Grrrl on Film Actress Spotlight as Nichelle Nichols (1932-) is most recognized for her television, and later film, role as Lt. Nyota Uhura.


The New Era of Girl Sure Looks A Lot Like the Old Era of Kiddie Porn

Hudson Jeans calls Georgia May Jagger the “new era of girl.” Does this era include condoning the commodification of a teenage girl’s sexuality? Cuz (unfortunately) that’s not exactly new. It is, however, disgusting and sleazy.

Fox Won't Air Family Guy Abortion Episode -- What Do You Think?

Image via starstore

The Seth MacFarlane creation that is “Family Guy” has built a reputation on poking animated fun at everything from race to religion to sexuality issues over the course of its seven seasons on the air. However, according to a press release from last week’s Comic Con there is one issue that is just too taboo, even for a show that routinely makes rape jokes. That...

Rave On: Estelle Freedman on Against Our Will

“Rave On” is the Page Turner series that asks feminist writers, artists, musicians, activists, leaders, and scholars to talk about a book that completely rocked their world. Today we feature Estelle Freedman, Ph.D., the Robinson Professor in U.S. History at Stanford University, on Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape, by Susan Brownmiller. Read on for more!

Meanderings on Miss Moral Beauty

For the judges of Miss Moral Beauty, beauty is something that is (and should be) located beyond a woman's physicality, and instead of focusing on a woman's body, they believe one should determine beauty by a person's thoughts and actions. Pretty feminist-y... right?

Attack of the Mommy Bloggers!

This past weekend was Blogher 2009, the largest gathering of women bloggers. And I believe that is the key to the many tensions that hovered over the otherwise amazing conference. Women are not one cohesive entity. While there might had been 1500 different visions for Blogher, a few key issues did surface over the weekend.

First...Not all women are moms and not all moms are mommy...

Adventures in Feministory: Anna Elizabeth Dickinson

If you think politics today is a boy’s club imagine 1860s America. The Civil War was beginning, slavery was not yet illegal, and women were still a good eighty years from receiving the right to vote. Yet one fiery young woman was able to become a national celebrity through her impassioned speeches on social reform. Anna Elizabeth Dickinson had her first anti-slavery piece...

Douchebag Decree: Deadspin and Will Leitch

Alert the office manager: We need to order some new parchment from the office supply company, cuz there were so many sports-related Douchebag Decrees to be handed out this last week, we can't keep up. You'll be glad to know, for instance, that gamblers aren't getting all bent out of shape about Ben Roethlisberger's rape accusation.

But what really brought out the douchebag in people...

The Twilight (Parody) Zone

One of my secret favorite things about the internet is the abundance of fan and homemade videos. I can spend hours watching low-budget versions of musical routines, celebrity reaction videos, and home movies featuring animals. As you may know, I am also a self-taught student of the Twilight craze, so fan-made Twilight videos are like the frosting on my internet cake. There are SO MANY. Here is...