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Tube Tied: Okay, But What About the Women on Mad Men?

I can't say that this first episode of the third season of Mad Men wowed me, but I suppose it was inevitable, amidst all the hype, that the episode would disappoint at least one person in its audience.  And indeed, it was something of a shaky start.  Don's reminisicing - or, really, more accurately, reimagining, since he can't possibly remember - the circumstances of his own birth made for a...

On the Map: NY Times 'Half The Sky' Issue

The New York Times Sunday Magazine this weekend is a “special issue” about women in the developing world. So, how’d they do?

Introducing the Bitch Media Community Lending Library!

What’s an office with over 800 page-turning books to do? Lend them out to the public, of course! That’s what we here at Bitch Headquarters decided to do after we realized that our 13-years-in-the-making book collection, covering topics such as feminist theory, media studies, art, queer and gender studies, history, and sociology, was too impressive to hoard to ourselves....

Is That a Bitch Sign in Your Pocket or Are You Just a Giant A-Hole?

Attention Bitch readers!

It was made known to us last night (by a big hole in the wall) that our Bitch door sign has been stolen! Here is a photo of the purloined sign in its former glory (in case you need to make an I.D.):

Red alert, readers! Lock up your signs because there is a thief on the loose! If you see this sign floating around NE Alberta Street (or in some...

Grrrl on Film-Lois Lane at the Movies: A Brief Herstory Part Two!

In Monday’s post I shared a very condensed herstory of Lois Lane’s appearances on film, as well as some clips of her filmic influences and contemporaries.

I know most people don’t care for Lois, but I think that’s because they haven’t really given her consideration. I mean, here’s a female character who, despite office sexism perseveres with...

Good Ideas Have No Genitals (But Creative Directors Do)

Every year, Advertising Age publishes a special report (and subsequent ceremonial luncheon) called Women to Watch that highlights the great work being done by women in the fields of advertising, marketing, PR, and social media. Apparently, because they are super-organized market-y type people, Ad Age also sends a question in advance to each of the honorees that they then answer in front of the...

New-found fab female MCs plus new music recs and news!

After WireTap blogger Biko Baker asked “Where is the Next Lauryn Hill?” last week bemoaning (what seemed like) the lack of women in rap and hip-hop, MC Invincible (interviewed in Bitch’s Loud issue) wrote back suggesting dozens of female MCs from around the country. Check out her excellent list of recommendations and discover all the amazing female rappers you didn’t know you were...

Page Turner-Rave On: Cristy C. Road on Assata: An Autobiography

“Rave On” is the Page Turner series that asks feminist writers, artists, musicians, activists, leaders, and scholars to talk about a book that completely rocked their world. Today we feature illustrator and writer Cristy C. Road on Assata: An Autobiography, by Assata Shakur.

I’m originally from Miami, where I felt frigidly alienated for a billion reasons, many of which were...

Thank You for Joining the Bitch 500!

A gigantic, Bitch-y thank you to everyone who supported us during our Bitch 500 subscription drive! With your help, we reached our goal of 500 new subscribers/renewals in two weeks! Hooray!

We are so lucky to have subscribers and readers like all of you, who stick by us even during these oh-so-tough economic times. Together, we are keeping independent feminist media alive and kicking (...

Target Women Targets Oldsters

Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah Haskins! Too bad you’re too old to enjoy it without medication.

Target Women is always right on target. Am I right, ladies? For more, check out Kjerstin’s interview with Ms. Haskins in the last Bitch Radio podcast!