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And in other comics-related news...graphic novel artist needed for Octavia Butler's Kindred!

Thanks to Latoya Peterson's heads-up over at Racialicous:

Beacon Press is preparing to publish a graphic adaptation of Octavia Butler's, Kindred. Check out the details after the jump.


I just wanted to share that one of our super talented contributors, Jennifer Cruté (who appeared in the Dark Confession comics feature of the Noir Issue), features heavily in this lovely short documentary, KAPOW! The New Comic Book Heroines. Unfortunately, won't allow embedding of video, so just click on the still to view!

Adventures in Feministory: Free Angela!


The groundswell of support that Angela Davis received after her wrongful imprisonment in 1970 (based on trumped up murder charges in connection with the Black Panthers' attempt to free three black prisoners from a correctional facility in Soledad, California) was enough to get her acquitted 18 months later by an all-white jury. The involvement of her close friend Bettina...

No, Kanye, We Can't “Give Chris [Brown] a Break.”

On Monday night, Kanye West will be the featured performer on VH1’s Storytellers, the show that gets songwriters to perform in an intimate setting, in the hopes that they will open up to the audience and explain a bit about their creative process, or whatever else might be on their mind. For anyone acquainted with Kanye (who happens to write the most prolific celebrity blog on the web), you...

Eliza Dushku, Ass-Kicking Producer

Eliza Dushku has been in a lot of headlines lately thanks to Joss Whedon's new Fox show Dollhouse.  But here's one headline that you may have missed last week: Dushku is producing a new big screen biopic about Robert Mapplethorpe.

After the jump: Why Eliza Dushku, producer, kicks more ass than Eliza Dushku, actress...

Show me the money, honey!

One of my tasks here at Bitch headquarters is to open the mail and keep an inventory of the books and CDs that are coming in for possible review. Today I arrived at the office, tired and doped up on DayQuil, needing a basket in which to place all of my angsty eggs and I found that basket in this week's *Most Ridiculous Book To Be Shipped To Bitch For Possible Review In Our Magazine...

BitchTapes, The Grrrls and Guitars Edition!

It's that time again, friends!

I'll admit, I had a minor freak out over what music to post for my BitchTapes. But I was reminded of the impact that Bratmobile had had on my 15-years-old self and decided to go with an all ladies all the time mix (each band featured has at least one female member). So listen and read away!

The Bitch Living Fossil Hall of Fame: Submit your profiles now!

The Bitch Living Fossil Hall of Fame:Rules for submitting your very own celebrity/public figure to the record for a chance to read on the next BitchRadio Podcast!Goal To induct celebrities and public figures in the Bitch Living Fossil Hall of Fame. A celebrity is placed in a category in relation to their evolutionary progress or arrested development. The person nominated need not be...

The Rachel Papers: What a hot, smart, lesbian pundit means for an uneasy America

Get your own - Open publication

Now you can quit camping out for the USPS to deliver your copy of “Buzz” and start reading Jonanna Widner's piece on Rachel Maddow, exploring the the pundit's prime time rise and unprecedented fan club around the country, and offering a social critique to the madness around Maddow! Click on the article for interactive reading!

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