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Tube Tied: Let's Cut the Fat, Shall We?

I'm a big advocate of the political power of popular culture. I want to make every single person who is still saying, "I just don't understand why they have to be so public about it," sit down and watch The Laramie Project. The ability of narrative to move us is a side of feminist activism we don't talk about much, but it is, to me, the best one we have, which is why I love writing about pop...

Grrrl on Film- Girl, You


The ambitious, and successful, documentary Going on 13 will begin broadcasting on Public Television this September. The 73 minute film (which is in English, Spanish and Hindi, with English subtitles) takes place over a period of four years and reveals the interior lives, family commitments and school days of Ariana, an African American, Esmeralda, a Mexican American,...

Newsflash, Vampire Bill: Rape is Neither Romantic, Nor Charming

Those of us who watch HBO’s True Blood would have a hard time denying the show’s sex appeal (or at least, sex). After all, Bon Temps, Lousiana (the fictional setting for the show) is one seeexxxy town. Vampires banging humans? Check. Humans banging shape-shifting farm animals? Check. A racy sex website hosted by a main character? Check. A crazed ancient goddess who makes everyone...

"Siren shit-stirrers” Partyline are baaack!


On their 2006 release Zombie Terrorist, Partyline declared, “we’re scared of zombies, not terrorists” and “yeah I had a mother, she taught me to want more than that”. Yes please. Formed in Washington DC in 2004 by Allison Wolfe of the iconic Bratmobile, Angela Melkisethian and Crystal Bradley, Partyline has a sound reminiscent of riot-grrrl era call and response lady punk. Party...

Don't Just Stand There, Let's Get to It: Vogue Evolution

If you haven’t been watching America’s Best Dance Crew this season, it’s time to start. For those out of the loop, ABDC (as it is known in the in-crowd) is a dance competition show on MTV that combines crew battles and audience voting to determine, well, America’s best dance crew. Sure, the show is a little corny, and the awesome Artistry in Motion crew was eliminated...

Love/Shove: Bloody hell! Finally a menstruation movie for everyone.

The trailer for The Moon Inside You begins like a bad Dan Brown-zombie flick: “A curse on half the planet…a secret kept too well….so…much…blood.” Thankfully, the world’s in for one less crap slasher and in for a humorous new approach to talking about what most of us hate talking about…periods.

From the looks of the rest of the trailer (...

Beaker Bitch: You Run Like a Man!

Caster Semenya is fast and strong and far from dainty. When it came to light last week that an athletic organization was secretly testing her sex, the sports world and mainstream media got a refresher course on an important reality: while our society tries to strictly divide people in male and female, the science of sex is far more murky.

South African Semenya is shaping up to be one...

Interpretations of a Classic

Just thought I'd give a heads up to the flickr blog's post of interpretations of the famous Rosie the Riveter poster. They also include links to pictures of the real women of the era too. Enjoy!


Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Our Bodies, Outdoors

Today I bring you another burning question from the mailbag:

From a reader who wished to remain nameless: Outdoor Sex: pro or con? as an outdoorsy-girl, I always fantasized about doing it in a big field, but each time I’ve tried it, I’ve been poked in weird places with odd plants and bumps (even through a blanket & sleeping pad), or stressed about potential hikers, or...

Tarantino & Me: The Grrrl on Film Response to Inglourious Basterds

A few days ago I was chatting with my dad about our various writing projects.

Dad: You know how you’ve been writing about Quentin Tarantino?

Me: Yes?

Dad: You know he used to work in a video store?

Me: Uh-huh.

Dad: And you used to work in a video store?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: Well there you go.

Well there I go. Once upon a time Quentin...