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Tip of my hat to Stephen Colbert

I couldn’t help but share this clip from last night’s Colbert Report. In his ‘Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger’ segment, Colbert talks about new efforts to de-gender language found in textbooks. (more after the jump)

The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Tip/Wag - Man-Words & Movits! Colbert Report Full Episodes Political...

BitchTapes: Upbeats

Here’s a mix for those who want to groove and feel uplifted by stellar lyrics, not ticked by gratuitously crass ones. I’m definitely not one of these excruciatingly PC-folks who love all their entertainment wholesome, but still my love of hip-hop doesn’t always harmonize with hip-hop’s love of misogyny. Here are some jams to make you just go “fuck yeah!” and not...

Stories for Girls: An Interview with Lizzie Skurnick

Here’s the short version of Lizzie Skurnick and her sassy-and-smart new book Shelf Discovery: She’s a popular book critic and lit blogger who started a column called “Fine Lines” for that made you feel like you and your girlfriends were huddled beneath a zip-up sleeping bag with a mini-flashlight reading between the lines of Are You There God? It’s Me,...

Yellow Bird Project: Cool Philanthropy

Montreal non-profit Yellow Bird Project collaborates with hip melodymakers to offer cool shirts that entirely benefit artists’ chosen charities.

American Apparel Just Keeps Getting Pornier (Plus: Are You Hot Enough to Peddle Neon Spandex and Cotton V-Necks?)

As devoted readers may be aware, Dov Charney and his hip-tastic empire, American Apparel, have irked a Bitch blogger or two over the years. From the company's racist Afrika campaign to Charney's infamous victim-blaming statement to the company's appropriation of a political movement for profit, it becomes increasingly difficult to expect anything positive--save for the generous use of lamé--or...

Douchebag Decree: BROMANCE

Okay, okay. Before you and your platonic best friend get all up in arms, in no way does this week’s Douchebag Decree have anything to do with friendships between people of any gender. Friendship is super and in no way douche-y, obviously. However, this week’s dishonorable honor is being awarded to the term “bromance,” which is on everyone’s lips this summer (and for...

Featured Mom Blog: NonCustodial Parent Community

Yup, you read that right. This week's featured mom blog, NonCustodial Parent Community, is written by a woman who doesn't live with her son. I was lucky to meet Rebekah Spicuglia last summer when I participated in the Progressive Women's Voices training program. She's the media manager for the Women's Media Center and introduced herself to me the first weekend. I immediately knew she really...

Where No Woman Has Gone Before: An Actress Spotlight on Nichelle Nichols

Stretching the definition of “film” just a bit for today’s Grrrl on Film Actress Spotlight as Nichelle Nichols (1932-) is most recognized for her television, and later film, role as Lt. Nyota Uhura.


The New Era of Girl Sure Looks A Lot Like the Old Era of Kiddie Porn

Hudson Jeans calls Georgia May Jagger the “new era of girl.” Does this era include condoning the commodification of a teenage girl’s sexuality? Cuz (unfortunately) that’s not exactly new. It is, however, disgusting and sleazy.

Fox Won't Air Family Guy Abortion Episode -- What Do You Think?

Image via starstore

The Seth MacFarlane creation that is “Family Guy” has built a reputation on poking animated fun at everything from race to religion to sexuality issues over the course of its seven seasons on the air. However, according to a press release from last week’s Comic Con there is one issue that is just too taboo, even for a show that routinely makes rape jokes. That...