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Girls' (Toys) Gone Wild!

Nostalgia for the past has been rearing its feathered head in marketing campaigns over the past several years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Retro styles, re-released music, and 80s cartoons (Transformers, anyone?) are being made over for the new millennium as consumable items for a whole new crop of youngsters with babysitting money burning a whole in their pockets...

Strange Sex Ed Tools from Around the World!

I'm always interested in how people in different regions, cultures and religions go about teaching sex ed. While I got the two awkward puberty videos in elementary school and a few "this is a vagina" overhead project lessons in high school, I think almost everything I knew about sex growing up came from Seinfeld. I recently bought this art book 1000 Extraordinary Objects which is, as you'd...

My New Favorite Jenny

As you may be aware, Jenny Lewis recently left me disappointed and out in the cold with a big ol' female-musician-named-Jenny-shaped hole in my heart. Fortunately, talented New Jerseyan Jenny Owen Youngs has come to my rescue and filled said void.

Book Review: The Daddy Shift

Much of the feminist movement has been wrapped in a maternal bow. Suffrage was sold to naysayers as a way to give mothers a say in government, not to mention the view that women would clean up politics. Organizations like Moms Rising and CODEPink appeal to women as caregivers and moms for ending wars and realizing universal healthcare. But a funny thing happened on our way to a feminist...

Jennifer's Body: Is it Feminist? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

The trailer for the newest Diablo Cody film, Jennifer’s Body is out, and this thing is begging for a bit o’ feminist critique. Watch, and discuss (NSFW, workaholics):

Hmmm… Does this film appear to be fiercely feminist, or just a sexist wolf masquerading in Runaways-theme-song-female-empowerment-clothing? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Adventures in Feministory: The Flygirls of WWII


First of all, I can't say that I ever thought I would be writing about WASPs for one of our Adventures in Feministory! Before you close this tab, stick with me (my story gets better)! I'm talking about a whole new kind of WASP, one that actually belongs in the air.

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Douchebag Decree (Dis)Honorable Mention: 3oh!3

So I was riding in the car yesterday, fiddling with the radio dial, when I was blindsided by a gigantic bag of douchiness, masquerading itself in radio EP form. Coming through the speakers in my friend’s Kia were these words (poorly sung, I might add):

Shush, girl! Shut your lips!/ Do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips!

I’m sorry, what? Do the HELEN KELLER?...

Debbie Rowe: The portrait of motherly love or greed?

It took just a few days for Debbie Rowe to be dragged through the Michael Jackson aftermath mud. For those not following Jackson's melodrama...Rowe is the woman whom Jackson married and then had this two eldest children with back in the 1990s. After Rowe and Jackson divorced Jackson got custody of the children as Rowe signed away her parental rights. She did try to get those rights back once...

I Can Has Feminizm?

Happy Fourth of July, feminists! To commemorate our nation’s independence, here is a reminder that we can all wear our American flags and our feminism on our sleeves when we’re out and about today:

You said it, sister. As always, thanks to all of everyone who has been sending us hilarious LOLz! Do you have an idea for a feminizt LOL? Make your own by visiting I Can...

BitchTapes: Only The Good Die Young Edition

Happy 4th of July weekend! We know that a large portion of this great country is in tune with pop culture in one way or another. And music is a large part of that culture. We also know that last week, the King of Pop died, which has brought things to somewhat of a halt, so to speak. It is safe to say that almost every person in America has contemplated the death of Michael Jackson over the...