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It's Feminism's Fault!: PJ O'Rourke Edition

“I blame feminism and Facebook for the death of the American automobile.” So said NPR’s PJ O’Rourke on NPR’s Morning Edition earlier today. According to O’Rourke, feminists are to blame for the auto industry’s decline because at some point in the 70s we stopped putting out in the backseats of cars and starting going to work instead. WTF, PJ?


American Girl and The Passionate Torah: Two Sides of the Same Coin

How interesting is it that Jewish American female identity is packaged in a new doll and unpacked in a new book all in the same week?

Women In Search of a Voice: An Interview with Kate Walbert, Author of <i>A Short History of Women</i>

Bitch is proud to announce our new book lovin’ blog, Bibliobitch! To kick off our foray into the land of literature, here is an interview with author Kate Walbert by Bitch contributor Sarah Seltzer. Stay tuned for more, you bitchy bookworms, you.

Kate Walbert’s new novel “A Short History of Women” follows the women in a single family down through the generations. The...

Let me lay out the conditions that I know will entice


The other day, a friend of mine challenged my claim that Peaches is brilliant. This launched us into a debate on her lyrical soundness in comparison to other artists who are characterized by sexual explicitness and why her raunchiness is different than theirs. We bounced around a few choice lyrics and ended upon "Azz and Tittiez" by Three Six Mafia, a song whose refrain slurs those...

Blood: The Last Vampire


Angry Asian Man over at Racialicious gives the goods for the new live-action adaptation of the anime favorite, Blood. The film stars South Korean actress, Jeon Ji-Hyun as the heroine.

Bitch Radio Episode 4: Buzz Words

Download here

Our latest podcast is ready to be heard! We’ve got the buzz on awesome indie-label Kill Rock Stars from the owners themselves, an interview with the crushtastic Sarah Haskins from Infomania, live coverage of Gay Bi Gay Gay, an excerpt from our Buzz issue, and music by the Roulettes, Romanteek, and Thao! Thanks to Julie Sabatier for super stellar production, check...

The Queertastics will Cheer You Up!

The Dallas Cheerleaders they’re not, but the Queertastics are using radical cheerleading to spread their message of body acceptance and good times both in and out of the queer community. Danny Hayes spoke with Deacon and August in Austin TX (the Queertastics’ hometown!) at Gay Bi Gay Gay this spring.

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Man Boobs and Man Pepsi: A Video Retrospective

We talk a lot here at Bitch about the ways in which certain products are marketed to women, and with good reason (there are some weeeeird lady products out there). However, for every product that bizarrely targets women there is one that bizarrely targets men as well. Here are a few that have come to our attention as of late:

Boost Mobile

While the racecars and Danica Patrick...

Sarah Haskins' Book Club

Besides shooting Infomania at, writing and pitching a screenplay, contributing to the Post and Tribune, Sarah Haskins still manages to find time to curl up with a good read. Here Sarah indulges me by recommending books for quite the assortment of characters. Download here

Read on for links to some good reads!

Sound Bites

Music in short!

• If you haven’t seen the Gossip’s infomercial for their upcoming album Music for Men, it’s time! (And if you haven’t seen Bitch’s infomercial, you can still be my friend….but only if you watch it. And then buy subscriptions for your friends.)

• Susan Boyle breaks down, makes me feel sad.

• Iranian sisters...