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Desiring Poetry in the Afterlife: Goodbye Kamala Das

The late Kamala Das' poetic words of female sexuality and desire stirred the world.

Don’t Call Him an “Abortionist,” and Other Issues with Coverage of the Tiller Murder

Reducing Tiller’s work to the word “abortionist” just buys into the antichoice fanaticism that equates “abortion” with “murder.”

Golf: The Sin, and Zen, of the Pin

Just when my pie-in-the-sky, baseball-is-good-for-you, sports-loving feminist self was starting to make a tenuous peace with some of the downside of pro sports, the PGA came to town and ruined it all.

The Bitch in Black: Ladies...Firsts


Nancy Drew-loving Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is joined this month by two other recent notable First…Ladies.

Ursula Burns (left) has become the first black female CEO of a major U. S. corporation.  According to Business Week:

Within days of being named chief executive of Xerox (XRX) [Burns] was on a plane to Europe. The mission: a 30-day...

I Can Has Feminizm?

It’s Saturday, so that means time for some more feminist LOLz! Thanks to everyone who sent in their LOLz throughout the week; we had some great ones and we’ll try to get them all up here eventually. For now, here’s hoping that these ones bring a little LOL-ing to your weekend:

It looks like these chicks came of age during the Bush administration’s abstinence-only...

For Realz?: Mayim Bialik, Still Not a Dag

Beloved child actress and former Sassy cover girl (and now Ph.D-holding) Mayim Bialik gets ritually humiliated on What Not To Wear. I'm not super happy about it.

Nollywood Actress Says 'No' To Nude Hollywood Role

Nigeria's booming film industry, Nollywood, ranks second highest in global film production (nestled between India's Bollywood and America's Hollywood), and its actors are now being sought by the higher paying US studios. This new development brings with it the need for complex conversations about gender, sexuality, culture, and the lure of money.

BitchTapes: Anything but love edition

Song writing is hard to do—and writing a song that’s not about love must be even harder, because ‘non-love’ songs seem to be a really small percentage of what’s out there.

So in honor of the musicians who work a little harder to explore stuff other than love, here’s your friday mix—a collection of tracks about politics, religion and…a rabid child. No...

Bee Up, Y'all

Did anyone else catch any of this week's Scripps National Spelling Bee coverage, most of which took place on…ESPN, of all places?

Douchebag Decree: Chuck Norris doesn't have the facts

"Chuck Norris" has become a household name again thanks to the Napolean Dynamite-meets-machismo of Chuck Norris facts and his campaigning for Mike Huckabee, but if he's going to have a political megaphone, he should use it wisely.

What's troubling is his column encouraging his readers to protest the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, claiming that it would offer "...