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For Realz?: So You Think You Can Apologize

I'm late on this one (I blame Memorial Day weekend!), but hey, Judge Nigel Lythgoe issued a sincere-sounding apology for his comments and the editing of a same-sex dance tryout on the season premiere of his hit show So You Think You Can Dance last Tuesday that came off fairly homophobically on the air (video clip at the link).

"Girls Like Us”

First things first: I stan for Joni Mitchell.

That journalist Sheila Weller’s NYT Bestseller, “Girls Like Us” also features Carole King and Carly Simon is a nice extra, of course.  I haven’t even finished this book yet, but I just have to gush about it.  It’s music history, it’s women’s history, it’s American pop culture history…what...

Rubble, Religion, Feminism, and Fashion: Art in the Islamic World

In keeping with the art theme from yesterday's post, here are a few artsy ladies who are creating a scene of their own in the Islamic world.


Japanese musician who rocks the hardest



Yoshimi P-we who plays with the psyche-noise-experimental group the "Boredoms" and is the leader of her own band "OOIOO." She is a musician of extraordinary talent and uniqueness, and is the kind of musician that makes you want to quit whatever your doing and take up drums for the rest of your life, with only hopes that you'll be an ounce as good. Yoshimi has been...

Art Without Men

France's Centre Pompidou houses the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe, so the banishment of male artists for an entire year is quite an expression of solidarity with women in the art world.

For Realz?: Why The Bachelorette?

Give me some good reasons why I should watch the Bachelorette (that's her above).

I Can Has Feminizm?

Those of you who spend a fair amount of time on the internet (and I include myself in this group) have hopefully had the good fortune to visit the wonderful world of I Can Has Cheezburger, the ultimate source for LOLz on the world wide webs. (If you haven't been there yet, you should really check it out.)

Anyway, we here at Bitch lovez ourselvez some LOLz, and we thought it would be fun...

Who is Bula-Di?

Who knew a puppet could be so effective in spreading HIV awareness in India?

Jock Bitch: All Up in Your Grill

Well, it’s the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, a three-dayspan rife with beer, outdoor cooking, and the type of conversation that oftenoccurs when large amounts of meat are burning on a grill: sports talk.

Usually, sports talk involves a male-dominated roundtablethat covers last night’s playoff game or the...

BitchTapes: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Break ups can be a real bitch, can't they? Wouldn't it be nice if both parties could just go their separate ways, cordially, without rancor, and without, say, the desire to take a Louisville slugger to anyone's headlights, to make harassing phone calls at dinnertime, name-calling, jealousy, screaming, crying on the kitchen floor, all five stages of grief, begging, pity parties, ill-...