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And the Winner of the Bitch Infomercial Contest is...

LTJFilms and Bring Your Own Improv, with this amazing infomercial:

For their excellent work, these folks will receive a lifetime subscription to Bitch! (As well as all the fame and fortune that this website can provide.) Thanks to Beth Czerny, Beth Hicks, Mary Ferrara, Valerie Fogg, Adam Kennedy, Jimmy Sorel, Henry Ben Clarendon, Laurelin Sitterly, Mel Dupont, Daniel Lee White, Amber...

Tyra Asks: Is Gay the New Black?


I’ve heard this “gay is the new black” sentiment a few times in the very recent past, and I’m beginning to think it’s less of a coincidence and more of the current mood.  After hearing it yesterday on the Tyra Show, I’m convinced that what we’ve got on our hands is the media’s  latest attempt to pit two marginalized groups against each other....

For Realz?: A Large Family Show for the Blue States

Move over, Jon and Kate, and scoot down the bench, all you Duggars -- there's a new big family reality show on the block! It's called Fostering Love, and it's got a uniquely Californian twist on the genre: a same-sex couple expanding their family through pretty much every type of reproductive technology available. Also, they move to an alpaca farm. It's awesome.

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Jock Bitch Power Pack: Video Edition

So, I was tooling around the Interwebs the other day trying to find some old-school ladies’ sports footage for that last blog piece, and I stumbled upon some pretty sweet YouTubery—the site is loaded with tons of amazing bits of video that relates to women and sports. I ended up spending the last two days hovered over my laptop trolling through dozens of old newsreels, current news bits,...

Offensive Commercials: Fast Food Showdown!

Americans love our fast food, and you know what we like most about it? It's not the trans fats, or the corporatization of farming, or even the ridiculous amount of waste the packaging generates (so if you guessed one of those, you're out of luck). Nope, our favorite thing about our favorite type of food is... offensive commercials! If it weren't, then why would EVERY f*ing fast food chain in...

Lebanese Feminists Balk at Offensive Election Ad

Perhaps offending the demographic you seek to reach isn't the best plan for getting elected.

For The Narcicyst, Iraq is the Bomb

Calling himself an "ambassador for conscious Arab hip-hop," Narcy makes music with the purpose of blowing something up: your mind, sucka.

Scared Straight: The Teen Pregnancy Edition

(WARNING: Video contains graphic images)

I think it’s great that the British kids who came up with the concept for the above video were committed to a teen pregnancy PSA that wasn’t preachy.

Too bad the end result is problematic for other reasons.

Reason #1: So…the big downside of teen pregnancy is that you might have to deliver on a field surrounded...

The Universe, Two Ways

 I recently went to a screening of the film Handmade Nation at Portland's excellent Museum of Contemporary Craft. And while the movie was good, what really stayed with me was what I saw on my way to the screening room. Seattle artist Mandy Greer's installation Dare alla Luce, which closes next week, manages to combine macro and micro in the most striking of ways: The installation...

The Midwest Teen Sex Show's Big Break!

If you haven’t checked out the Midwest Teen Sex Show yet, it’s not too late. When it comes to frank yet funny sex talk, this video cast is so good it almost makes me wish I was a clueless, awkward teen again (Say it with me now, “♪ Allllllll-most! ♪”). Read on for more about this awesome web show and where it’s headed!