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Trying to keep up

Clearly I'm not one of those people who can keep my blog up-to-the-minute, but I want to mention two more things about my visit to Detroit, even though I'm actually two states beyond at this point.

Before I left town, I had lunch with some staff members of Labor Notes, an incredible and radical organization/magazine that provides a forum for union activists to honestly examine problems...

Calling All Zine Nerds, Dorks, Geeks (which we say with love and pride) to Zine Camp!!

Long for the days of camp but without the whole overnight, sleeping bag part? 

Well, look no futher, for ZINE CAMP is here!

Zine Camp is a four-week long camp that meets two days a week, tuesdays and fridays, from 12-4pm. The campers meet at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) in downtown Portland. The IPRC is a community workspace, geared towards self-expression...

Feminism In/Action: Detroit report back

Thank you, TrumbullPlex folx, for letting us use your space for Sunday's discussion. Thank you, Adele, Clara, and Jess for making the event happen here, and for getting the word out (and special thanks to Clara for the tour and history of the TrumbullPlex, a radical housing collective in the Woodbridge neighborhood of Detroit). And a huge thank you to everyone who attended.  I didn't...

Read It and Weep: Special pro sports edition!

Not a good week for the ladies, sports-wise. First up, in order of horrifying: The Chicago White Sox haven't been doing so hot, so they initiated a little "slumpbuster" that involved taking two female blow-up dolls and arranging them in the team clubhouse with baseball bats jammed into various orifices. Surrounding the dolls with players' bats, the team also stuck a sign on one encouraging...

At long last, our audio companion to Bitch

Go! Go! Go have a listen to the first-ever Bitch radio episode.


Chicks (not girls) in Detroit

 Saturday night in Detroit was a night of animals.

Some thoughts on privilege, agenda-setting, and what to do next

So The Angry Black Woman has called this Carnival of Allies, which these days feels to me like the best idea ever, because I really need some guidance. One of the many, many things the events of the last month and change have taught me is that, um, to put it mildly, my anti-racist ally skills could use some honing.

What that means is that right now I need to listen to people who know...

So many reasons to love Detroit

Our Midwest fundraising/outreach tour is off to a fabulous start...

This post is gonna be in the form of a conversation with the amazing Jess Hauser, who organized one incredible dance party/fundraiser last night at the Temple Bar here in Detroit.


Bitch Radio Episode 1 : Wired and Inspired

Hear Bitch’s first podcast with features from the Wired issue. Hear updates from the Feminist Porn Awards, a feminist take on Second Life, and an article from Bitch’s archives. Download here


Lately, it seems there's been more discussion of what it means to be a man. Maybe because old school notions are becoming so unworkable that there's a critical mass of resentful partners in hetero relationships; perhaps Hilary's presidential run is raising some eyebrows in sheltered communities; certainly, movies like Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin, which portray an alarmingly large group...