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Our government wants to define some forms of birth control as abortion

Someone on my favorite feminist- and media-related listserv just pointed me to this article, by the ever-knowledgable Cristina Page, about a new Health and Human Services Department proposal that would define the pill, the patch, the shot, the IUD, the ring, and Plan B as abortion rather than contraception. I am no fan of hormonal methods for not breeding (had some bad experiences there...),...

Milwaukee Zine Fest

The Milwaukee Zine Fest is this weekend, Friday through Sunday, July 18-20. Workshops, films, tables of zines and other printed matter. 

It's free! 

Friday night: BBQ, baseball, kickball, and music

Saturday and Sunday: Zine fair, dialogues, and workshops, plus more music at night

Bitch (and Make/Shift!) will be represented by the wonderful Joy Zuccarello, so...

Know about New Moon for girls?

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Gruver, founder of New Moon, a magazine aimed at girls ages 8 to 12. New Moon is great – they're ad free, have girl editors and writers. They have a girl blog. Oh, and they're also based in Minnesota. 

Today in my inbox was a message from Nancy sharing the news that on September 1, they'll be launching New Moon Girls web community...

Gay Travel Magazines? What?

New arrival on the B-Word/Bitch doorstep today: Out Traveler : The Standard of Gay Travel. After briefly thumbing through the Fall 2008 issue, it appears (note: strong generalization appearing soon) to be a tool for upper class, white gay males with articles such as "Hawaii's Polysexual Past" or "Art Hotels: Find inspiration among the many shades of gay at these gallery-style sanctuaries." Huh...

Ms. Pac Man: Feminist Icon?

As a child of the 80s, I couldnt resist this. Have a look at this video and decide for yourself if Ms. Pac Man was a feminist or not!


Alcohol is a depressant, right? And alcohol use and aggression/violence are related? But isn't it possible to use alcohol as a force of good, as a relaxant, as medicine? Don't we all deserve coping mechanisms?... And who are we to judge?   

Warning: Downer alert

I was in Lincoln about a week and a half ago, where we'd organized a Feminism In/Action discussion. It was the first...

A Friday funny

A good Friday afternoon laugh.

Never fails to crack me up. Especially the flyer part. I have actually seen some of those flyers on the streets of Portland, OR.

Why the love for Oprah?

Okay, so maybe it is the heat of the office making me unusually cranky on this Friday afternoon but I just have to write and ask, what is the deal with the Oprah phenomena, and particularly the magazine?

Now I know these may not be popluar thoughts to have these days, but I've got two questions (among many) that have been burning a hole on my mind that makes this whole love fest just...

A couple of things you ought to know about

Before I leave the B-Word office to spend the weekend working in the air-conditioned, shades-drawn splendor of my own home, I wanted to hip you folks to two very cool projects that are looking for your input and support.

The first comes courtesy of Stacy Bias, a Portlander who many of you may have heard of because she's pretty much a one-woman dynamo of both fat activism and general...

Introducing sm[art]

Welcome to the first entry of sm[art]! As a visually-focused person (I'm the art director here at Bitch), I decided it was high time to devote a special spot to visual arts. I hope to spotlight the works of artists of all kinds, who have some feminist, social or political themes in their work.