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Top 10 Reasons: You Deserve Comics That Highlight Women Who Have Made Critical Contributions to Society.

You deserve comics that highlight women who have made critical contributions to society. We all deserve history that comes alive. The best stories, to me, are the ones with weird and sometimes awkward details that we can relate to. Illustration in general also makes... Read more »

10 Reasons to Support Bitch Media: Subscription Income Makes Up Less Than 40 Percent of Our Budget

It’s the end of the year (almost!) and we’re looking ahead to January to dig in to a new “era” here at Bitch Media. With exciting programs on the horizons ready to launch, we’re sharing 10 Reasons to Support Bitch to compel readers to invest in our future. This week’s reason... Read more »

3 Reasons Bitch is Not Newsweek: Subscribe with a 20% Discount Today!

As you’ve probably heard, Newsweek magazine is going to all digital, publishing their very last print edition on December 31, 2012. We’re used to reading the obituaries of print magazines, and fielding questions about the future of print. Here are three reasons why you... Read more »

Visi(bi)lity: Toward a Visible Movement

Over the weekend, The Bilerico Project published a fascinating interview with Ellyn Ruthstrom, a seasoned bi activist who became the first and only paid staff member at the... Read more »

Read Spankin' New Articles from the Frontier Issue!

Read articles from the latest Bitch magazine—the Frontier issue! Before you even get your copy in the mail, you can read... Read more »

Bitch in a Box: Music Lover's Edition Part II

If you’re still in the market for music gifts after Bitch in a Box: Music Lover’s Edition, Part I, here’s Part II with even more albums from 2011 that’ll make... Read more »

Bitch in a Box: Music Lover's Edition, Part I

With all the great music that came out this year, there's no excuse for not knowing what to get the music fan in your life. Here are some suggestions, with more to come! Read more »

Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Fool for Type Edition!

Many of us have someone on our list who is a big old typography geek. She’s the person who hosted a screening of the documentary Helvetica, the obsessive typespotter who plays Kern Type like it’s Angry Birds, the mad genius who... Read more »

Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Illustrated Edition!

Today’s post is for all the art lovers out there: a half-dozen art ideas from some of the illustrators we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the magazine. Check out our back issues to see more of their... Read more »