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Have you been jonesin’ for your very own subscription to Bitch, yet still haven’t found the time to subscribe? Well friends, the time is now, because if you subscribe by the end of this weekend you’ll be one of the first feminists to get a... Read more »

Declare your independence: Only hours left to subscribe to Bitch for less!

If you’re a procrastinator like me, you probably clicked past our pop-up, read our reasons why subscribing to Bitch is better than buying off the newsstand, retweeted our special $19.96 price, and perhaps even... Read more »

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Hey Bitch fans! Remember how we’ve got an amazing subscription deal going on right now? Where in addition to subscriptions/renewals to your favorite independent magazine being just $19.96, every 50th subscriber wins a prize? Well, we announced... Read more »

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You know how we’re having this awesome subscription sale right now where every 50th subscriber wins a prize? (Subscriptions are just $19.96 for a limited time. Subscribe/renew today!) Well five of you have already won the fabulous Bitch Prize of a $25... Read more »

Declare Your Independence: Why Subscribing is Better than Buying at the Newsstand

We’ve mentioned before how Bitch Media, a nonprofit organization, nets only seven cents on each magazine bought at the newsstand. That number is no exaggeration. After we pay to print the issue, ship boxes of it out to wholesalers, pay... Read more »

Declare Your Independence: Why Subscribing to Bitch is Better for the Environment

Most Bitch readers buy the magazine off the magazine rack, at a bookstore, a grocery store, or a boutique. This is called newsstand distribution, and it's a system that is built on and rewards waste and inefficiency. Read more »

Declare Your Independence: Bitch, The Magazine

As many of you Internet fans know, I’m the web editor here at Bitch Media, which means I concern myself mainly with what goes on in this series of tubes we’re working in right now. However, today I’d like to talk about Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture... Read more »

How do you take your coffee? Why, in a Bitch mug, of course!

Whether you take your coffee black like Liz Lemon or full of milk, sugar, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles like Leslie Knope, you can now drink it in feminist style with a set of oh-so-amazing Bitch coffee mugs! Behold: Read more »

Grab your bags, Portland, it's the spring clothing swap!

Attention PDX-ers (that’s code for Portland, Ore. residents)! Don’t forget that next Tuesday is the semi-annual Bitch Clothing Swap! Note: Leslie Hall will not actually be present at the clothing swap. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a sequined leotard with your name... Read more »

Read My Bitch: A new podcast by Bitch Media

Read My Bitch is a brand-new audio segment that features Bitch Magazine readers and subscribers sharing one of their favorite articles from the archives by reading it aloud and discussing it afterwards. For our first episode, Kristin reads aloud “Harriet and Claudia, where have you gone? Notes on... Read more »