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Report back: V to the Tenth (special guest dispatch)

Much as we wanted, we at Bitch were unable to attend the V to the Tenth celebration in New Orleans last week. So I asked Bitch friend Annie Lipsitz to write up a quick report-back. Here it is... ... NOLA feminism's big, but not always easy By Annie Lipsitz On Saturday, we spent the morning at an... Read more »

A belated thank you to Philly

Shortly after WAM, Andi and I made a quick trip to Philly. A very gracious Bitch supporter (with two incredibly charming dogs, photographed below of course) had offered to host a fundraising house party for us. An unfortunate snafu with our invite system meant that most of our Philly supporters... Read more »

Artist tea in Portland tomorrow afternoon

Toni Tabora-Roberts, one of Bitch's new Board members is facilitating this great event in Portland tomorrow afternoon where she will be talking to Roberta Wong, an artist who does installation pieces addressing identity, gender, race and politics, about her work in the current IFCC gallery show,... Read more »


I’m coming to the Midwest in May to do some fundraising/outreach! I’m really excited (hence my use of the exclamation point); it’ll be my first trip back to my roots on behalf of this organization I love so dearly. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter together. So far,... Read more »

Night of a thousand gay icons

Last night was Equity Foundation's annual benefit auction, held at the Portland Center Stage Gerding Theater. Equity is a fantastic Portland-based foundation that awards grants to nonprofit organizations statewide that are effecting social change, particularly around queer activism. We're honored... Read more »

Dying to know the outcome of last night's pop culture debate club?

We’re sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the results of last night’s Bitch “Pop Culture Debate Club” at Portland’s famed In Other Words bookstore. We got a great turnout for the event, probably because the topic — “Britney: Who’s to Blame?” tends to be one... Read more »

"Are you ready to rock 'n' roll?"

If there's anything more awesome than seeing an eight-year old girl scream that into a microphone, it's being in a theater full of girls like this celebrating the opening of Girls Rock! The Movie. Filmmakers Arne Johnson and Shane King focus on the inspiring breakthroughs, but don't skip over the... Read more »

Another wee step into now

It's the Bitch podcast! Well, it's going to be. At long last, we're thrilled to announce that our very own podcast is in the works. Look for more details soon, but for now I want to give a quick shout out to podcaster extraordinaire Julie Sabatier, creator of DIY, Portland, who's graciously agreed... Read more »

Beer Fun(d)

A lovely group of folks has organized a monthly Bitch-themed Think and Drink at the Florida Room, a local bar here in Portland. I had the pleasure of attending this month's meet-up, where we talked about everything from Hillary versus Obama, dogs versus cats, and cranky farm pigs and their geese... Read more »

When in New Jersey on February 28th...

....check out this lecture by the awesome Jennifer Pozner, Executive Director of Women in Media & News: Even though the human, environmental and economic impact of Hurricane Katrina are all still deeply felt throughout the regions that were ravaged by the disaster, the ongoing personal and... Read more »