Bitch HQ

Overheated in DC

As I climbed the stairs from the subway headed for Penn station, the strap on my enormous bag broke, so I was left carrying it like a sack of potatoes. Which was a huge bummer because I'd left my other bags in Brooklyn.  Lisa was waiting for me inside the station, and we boarded the train to... Read more »

Bitch in Brooklyn

Perched on a Brooklyn patio in still-perfect weather, Lisa and I mapped out our time here. Then it was off to our first fundraising house party, hosted by Jennifer Baumgardner—who's interviewed in our current issue about her new book, Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics. Apparently, the wording on... Read more »

B-word on the East Coast

Today is Day One of our first-ever fundraising trip. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us—venturing outside our little bat cave to meet some of our supporters on the other side of the country, and do some fundraising and education to keep our nonprofit operation thriving. I flew from... Read more »