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On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Today's On Our Radar features lots of book-related feminist news.  Read more »

Introducing the New There's So Much To Explore

Bitch began its life as a beautifully drawn, hand-stapled ‘zine 19 years ago.  Read more »

Our New Website Helps Publish and Promote Hundreds of Feminist Writers

Bust out the party hats, it's time to celebrate our new website! Read this letter from Bitch Media Online Editor Sarah Mirk.  Read more »

Three Things I Love About Our New Website Design

Bitch Art Director Kristin Rogers Brown shares an inside look at the new website design. Read more »

About the Cover: The Blue Issue

Our current summer print magazine is the Blue issue. With any theme that has so many literal and immediate visual references, I try to dig a little bit deeper for inspiration to do justice to the complicated content.  Read more »

The Pressure Is On At The Bitch HQ

Fun Fact: Our HQ sign was stolen once, so we had to bolt it above our awning for safe-keeping. This post kicks off the most important week of the year for Bitch, so I’m going to get straight to the point. Read more »

About the Cover: The Law & Order Issue

Fingerprints individualize us. While that thought is lovely from a scientific standpoint, it’s hard to forget that the state can use these unique marks against us. Read more »

About the Cover of Our (Re)Vision Issue

For the cover of Bitch’s winter issue, (Re)Vision, we dissected a kaleidoscope.  Read more »

About the Cover: The Love/Lust Issue

The Love/Lust issue of Bitch debuts in early September. The cover is a direct play on the 1969 book cover for Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask), by David Reubens. Read more »

About the Cover: The Tough Issue

For the cover of the Tough issue, my love of eye candy met my hunger for a good metaphor. Read more »