Bitch Magazine: Reader Questions on Chaos

Every issue of Bitch magazine explores a theme. The next issue of Bitch magazine's theme is Chaos. We want to consider all the things that chaos can encompass. There is chaos in science, magic, and mythology. We want to hear about the places where mayhem, uncertainty, and upheaval interact with pop culture and feminism. What’s up with all these wilderness conflict movies and survivalist television shows? What do you have to say about the chaotic nature of our electoral college system this election season? Which public expressions of turmoil are presented as riots in media and how does that affect the real lives of marginalized people? When are chaos and disruption useful tools that bring about positive change? What writers, visual artists, and musicians are creating work that embodies or resolves chaos? Exploring narratives of the body and mental health, how these things can feel uncontrollable. How does the intersection of uncertainty and capitalism affect how we define order and safety? Who gets to tell the stories of war and conflict? How do gender and feminism play into the chaotic effects of climate change? Where do we need chaos? What needs to be shaken up?

Tell us what you think we should cover from a chaos perspective: 


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