Bitch Media Fellowships For Writers - FAQ About 2016 Fellowships for Writers Annoucement

Why was my application not chosen?

We were startled and flattered by the number of applicants to the fellowships—more than 2,500—and choosing only four from among them was an immense task because, frankly, you all are an impressive bunch.

That said, here are some possible administrative reasons your application was not chosen: You sent the application in several days after the deadline. You sent us a bunch of Google docs instead of the single PDF we specified. Every single one of your links to writing samples was broken. You used an unreadable font for your cover letter.

In other cases, some of you were simply too accomplished for this fellowship; while “emerging” can be a subjective term, it was clear that some applicants are established enough to not be in need of the kind of mentorship we hope to offer.

Why didn't I get an email confirming my application? That seems rude.

It does, and we're really sorry. We realized too late that there were technical limitations to our application process that made it impossible to send large group emails. With future fellowships, we plan to use a system that sends automated confirmations. Sorry!

Why didn't I get an email saying I was rejected? I hate finding out stuff like this via Twitter.

See above, and again, we are sorry to not have been able to tell you via email. 

Will the Fellowships for Writers be offered next year? If so, will I have to reapply?

We very much want the fellowship program to be ongoing. We expect to open the application process for 2017 Fellows in the fall of 2016.

Even though I wasn't chosen as a fellow, can I still write for Bitch?

Absolutely, and we hope you will. Please see our Contributor's Guidelines for more information on upcoming issue themes and other details.