BitchReads: 13 Graphic Novels Feminists Should Read in 2020

Whether you’re on the search for a light and fun read, or a heavy and political one, you’ll find a graphic novel worth reading in 2020.

"Rat Queens" and the Power of Female Friendship

The heart of Image comics series “Rat Queens” is a love between messy, complicated outcasts. Read more »

New Book "Ask A Queer Chick" Offers Honest Advice on Family, Sex, and Identity

In a readable, empathetic, and sometimes even a little bit inspiring book, Lindsay King-Miller offers advice to queer women and the people who love them.  Read more »

Popaganda Episode: Writing About Race

A ... Read more »

The Overwhelming Whiteness of the Publishing Industry

A new study of book publishers shows the industry is 79 percent white.  Read more »

Oh Joy Sex Toy: Coming Out Like a Porn Star

An illustrated review of a new book that compiles sex workers' personal stories. Read more »

Check Out Subversive New Alphabet Book "P is for Pussy"

The book is steeped in references to feminine power. Read more »

Cut & Paste: Biographical Zines

From “The Life and Times of Butch Dykes” to “Bad Girls Throughout History,” we highlight awesome zines.  Read more »

In a New Harry Potter Production, Actor Noma Dumezweni Will Play Hermione

Casting a Black woman as Hermione is a big deal.  Read more »

I Read 50 Books by Women of Color This Year!

If you don't seek out new voices, it's easy to fall into reading books primarily, if not solely, by white authors. Read more »

Messy, Beautiful Queers: Two Writers on Queer Kinship and Parenting

Read these two brilliant new books. Read more »


A Look at How Media Writes Women of Color

Nearly every Saturday morning, feminists of color hold Twitter discussions taking a deeper look at issues, such as gender violence. It’s the... Read more »

Hot Under the Bonnet: The Cooptation of Amish Culture in Mass-Market Fiction

Dubbed “Amish romance novels,” “Amish fiction,” or the more waggish “bonnet rippers,” these novels just one entry point into the varying images of Amish communities in U.S. popular culture. Read more »

Know & Tell: The literary renaissance of trans women writers

For so long, the people who wrote about us were not us. Finally, that is beginning to change. Read more »

Black Girls Hunger for Heroes, Too: A Black Feminist Conversation on Fantasy Fiction for Teens

What happens when two great black women fiction writers get together to talk about race in young adult literature? That's exactly what happens... Read more »