Writing Toward Truth: Bassey Ikpi’s New Book Reckons with the Lies Mental Illness Weaves

“…the lie that sustained itself for so long becomes true in its own way. It becomes a part of the story.”

Demanding the Impossible: Walidah Imarisha Talks About Science Fiction and Social Change

Before she was a poet, journalist, documentary filmmaker, anti-prison activist, and college instructor, Walidah Imarisha was fascinated with Klingons and elves. She still is. Read more »

A New Book Profiles Female Scientists Who Changed the World

How many female scientists can you name? In a survey a few years ago, 65 percent of Americans couldn’t name a single female scientist. Ouch. A new book will hopefully help fix that... Read more »

16 Writers Take On the Stigma of Not Having Kids

Nope. Not happening. (photo via Creative Commons) My time is up. Throughout my twenties and thirties when people asked me if I wanted to have children, I would say “no,” firmly. But I knew I had a  “... Read more »

New Zine Anthology "Ofrenda" Explores Identity and Culture

Ofrenda: A Zine Anthology takes us through 20 years zine-making, as writer Celia C. Pérez tackles issues of identity, culture, and selfhood. Read more »

Graphic Novel "Roller Girl" is a Teenage Tale of Roller Derby

Growing up, I was not a sporty kid. I have vivid memories of an errant volleyball hitting me in the face three times during one truly terrible sixth grade P.E. class. Read more »

The Future of Sexting

When Professor Amy Adele Hasinoff’s new book landed on my desk, I took one look at the title and thought, “Yes!” Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalization, Privacy, and Consent ... Read more »

Five Things I Love About New Book "Girl Sex 101"

Many books about sex attempt to be discrete: they’re slim volumes with demure cover text that could easily be overlooked on your bookshelf. Read more »

We Are Not “Just Like Everyone Else”

I recently attended an annual fundraiser for a high-profile LGBT nonprofit organization. Since they run multiple programs, some of which I support, I had no idea until I arrived that the entire event was dedicated to raising funds for what was billed as “marriage equality” (a term I loathe for many... Read more »

Rewriting the Future: Using Science Fiction to Re-Envision Justice

Our justice movements desperately need science fiction. Read more »

Michelle Tea's Memoir "How to Grow Up" is Packed With Witchy Wisdom

Many years ago, back when the OK Hotel was a dirty punk rock hole-in-the-wall club under the viaduct in downtown Seattle, I stood among a crowd mesmerized by Michelle Tea reading from her memoir, The Passionate... Read more »


Rewriting the Future: Using Science Fiction to Re-Envision Justice

Our justice movements desperately need science fiction. Read more »

Hot Under the Bonnet: The cooptation of Amish culture in mass-market fiction

Dubbed “Amish romance novels,” “Amish fiction,” or the more waggish “bonnet rippers,” these novels just one entry point into the varying images of Amish communities in U.S. popular culture. Read more »

Black Girls Hunger for Heroes, Too: A Black Feminist Conversation on Fantasy Fiction for Teens

What happens when two great black women fiction writers get together to talk about race in young adult literature? That's exactly what happens... Read more »