10 Essential Books About Writing

Must-read titles for writers include works by Elena Ferrante, Akwaeke Emezi, Meg Wolitzer, Yoko Ogawa, and more.

Ms. Opinionated: All the Advice You Asked For, and Some You Didn't

Welcome to the latest installment of Ms. Opinionated, in which readers have questions about the pesky day-to-day choices we all face, and I give advice about how to make ones that (hopefully) best reflect our shared commitment to feminist values—as well as advice on what to do when they don’... Read more »

The Big Feminist BUT: Lauren Weinstein's "If This Is All You Get""

We’ve been posting for a couple of weeks about The Big Feminist BUT, a comics anthology about women, men, and feminism, and today’s post is the last in our series. It’s from Lauren Weinstein... Read more »

The Big Feminist BUT: Barry Deutsch's "How to Make a Man Out of Tin Foil"

We’re back with more big BUT: This week, a story from Barry Deutsch about masculinity and camp. (The summer kind.) Read more »

Democracy, Ow: A Q&A with Discordia authors Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple

Laurie Penny is an English journalist whose work on protest movements, sex, and desire has been at the forefront of feminist writing of the last few years. Molly Crabapple is a New York artist whose Victorian-inspired work includes... Read more »

Bitch in a Box: Holiday Gift Guide, Graphic Novels Edition

Whether you’re shopping for a long-time comics reader or someone who’s new to the world of graphic novels (maybe you’re just looking for a good page turner for yourself, we won’t tell), click through for some quality 2012 releases of the graphic persuasion. Read more »

BiblioBitch: Dear Dawn: Aileen Wuornos in Her Own Words

Dear Dawn: Aileen Wuornos in Her Own Words is a significant book because it is probably the only chance we will ever have to hear Wuornos’ life story the way she herself narrated it. Wuornos wrote to her close childhood friend, Dawn Botkins, from death row for over ten years.... Read more »

The Big Feminist BUT: Corinne Mucha's "Spinster"

Do you like comics? Do you like feminism? Do you think it’s bunk that publishers have no compunction about saying things like, “We can’t sell a book with the word ‘feminist’ in the title”? Then you might want to know about a new comics anthology called The Big Feminist BUT.... Read more »

Bibliobitch: Author Lidia Yuknavitch's Freudian Flip

Lidia Yuknavitch gives the term “body language” fresh meaning in her debut novel, Dora: A Headcase (Hawthorne Books). In response to Sigmund Freud’s famous case study, “Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria,” Yuknavitch recasts 19th-century teen Ida Bauer, or Dora, as a 17-year... Read more »

Lady Liquor: Drinking Diaries and Women's Self-Judgment

At least half – if not two-thirds – of the essays in Drinking Diaries (a newly published book spawned by the blog of the same name) are downers. That stands to reason: alcohol is a... Read more »

Heroine Addict: A Q&A with author Kate Zambreno

Kate Zambreno has had a busy couple of years. In 2010, she published her first novel, O Fallen Angel, followed by Green Girl a year later. Her latest book, the just-published Heroines, is a personal narrative woven with the rich and often overlooked history of a group of... Read more »


Know & Tell: The Literary Renaissance of Trans Women Writers

For so long, the people who wrote about us were not us. Finally, that is beginning to change. Read more »

Demanding the Impossible: Walidah Imarisha Talks About Science Fiction and Social Change

Before she was a poet, journalist, documentary filmmaker, anti-prison activist, and college instructor, Walidah Imarisha was fascinated... Read more »

A Look at How Media Writes Women of Color

Nearly every Saturday morning, feminists of color hold Twitter discussions taking a deeper look at issues, such as gender violence. It’s the... Read more »