Rethinking Legacy: "Tastemakers" is a Starting Point for the Problematic History of Recipes and Food Media

The James Beard award winner Mayukh Sen’s first book invites trouble, but more questions come up in the process.

Fertile Ground: John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist's Farmstead Chef

Lisa Kirvirist and John Ivanko’s new cookbook, Farmstead Chef, is a great eco-activist resource that could easily be placed next to the novel you’re reading on your nightstand. Not only is it plump with yummy, mostly vegetarian and low-on-the-food-chain recipes, but it also has... Read more »

The Tales Of Feminist Conferences in India, and of Ice.

It is no surprise that India is a Big Brother-esque figure in South Asia, especially, in histories of nation-building (the Partition, the 1971 Bangladeshi War of Independence, the decades under IPKF in Sri Lanka are just the tip of the iceberg), as researchers, we carry these legacies on our bodies... Read more »

Fertile Ground: Inga Muscio's Rose: Love in Violent Times

Inga Muscio’s Rose: Love in Violent Times is a heart-wrenching journey, with ups and downs, depressing moments mirrored by inspirational ones. It is beautiful, and though it largely continues with Muscio’s usual themes of feminism and antiracism, I would file this book under “... Read more »

BiblioBitch: Three New Otherworldly Indie Comics

Need some new reading material? These three new indie comics by Kate Skelly, Angie Wang, and Julia Gfrörer will take you from an outer galaxy to a zombiefied forest, and will keep you occupied (and perhaps up all night with every light turned on). Click through for more!    Read more »

Required Reading: Tampon Utopia

It’s 2012. Are you ready for TEOTWAWKI? Read more »

Once Upon a Time There Was an Indian Village and Everyone Lived Happily Ever After

As a teacher to high school children, whenever we discussed social justice in the worlds of books we read, one question that would repeatedly come up was, “How do we understand privilege, if you say it is all around us—how can we work with the ‘lowest’ common denominator if there will always be... Read more »

End of Gender: Kate Bornstein Saves Lives, Including Her Own: A Review of A Queer and Pleasant Danger

Trans icon Kate Bornstein’s memoir, A Queer and Pleasant Danger: The true story of a nice Jewish boy who joins the Church of Scientology and leaves twelve years later to become the lovely lady she is today, shines a bright, unflinching light on self-image, gender, and life on the... Read more »

Bibliobitch: Speculating on the Future of Feminism is in its final push in a Kickstarter campaign to publish a Feminist Speculative Fiction anthology through... Read more »


Hello good readers of Bitch blogs! Starting this week for the next twelve weeks, I’ll be blogging at Bitch about Indian feminist books and films and I might quite possibly “ruin” India for many of you (it’s a superpower of mine, I’m often told) and I’m hoping in turn you... Read more »

End of Gender: Reading List for the Genderpocalypse

If you’ve learrned anything from zombie flicks, you know that when the end is near, it’s time to prepare.  And it’s probably a good time to catch up on all of that reading you’ve been putting off. Below, you’ll find a reading list to prepare you for the... Read more »


Rewriting the Future: Using Science Fiction to Re-Envision Justice

Our justice movements desperately need science fiction. Read more »

Demanding the Impossible: Walidah Imarisha Talks About Science Fiction and Social Change

Before she was a poet, journalist, documentary filmmaker, anti-prison activist, and college instructor, Walidah Imarisha was fascinated... Read more »

A Look at How Media Writes Women of Color

Nearly every Saturday morning, feminists of color hold Twitter discussions taking a deeper look at issues, such as gender violence. It’s the... Read more »