Bed, Bitch and Beyond

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Bitch? Yes. Cougar? No.

   A while back when a girlfriend and I were walking by a billboard for the Vivica Fox-hosted reality show, "The Cougar." I made some snarky comment about this not exactly being the equality feminists dream of, and the friend gave me a cheeky grin and said, "You know, that older woman is only 39." That's less than five years away, folks. Apparently I don't have long before I go from flirty thirty-something sexual adventurer to predatory over-the-hill sexual adventurer, at least in the eyes of TV producers. I should probably call ahead to see if they can line up some callow youths for me. But the problem is, I'm not particularly attracted to young men. In fact, I already know I would just plain suck at being a cougar. I have three little brothers who range in age from 23-18. The little...

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Red Hot Love

From the reader mailbag: Can you please talk about sex while you're on your period? Should I be offended if my boyfriend would rather not? Shouldn't he be willing to accept my body no matter which phase of the moon it is? Well, this is one we've all dealt with many, many times, right?* I think... Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: The Joy of Casual Sex

Earlier this week we talked about the joy of no sex. Today, I'm singing the praises of casual sex. I've simply never bought into the idea that all sex must live up to the shining heteronormative ideal of candlelight and roses and true love (which, of course, will progress naturally to an... Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: No Sex, Please, We're Sex-Positive Feminists

I wanted to let readers get the last word on the "Is No Sex Sex-Positive" post--between Bitch, Facebook, Harpyness and e-mails I received, it was clear that everyone had an opinion about not having sex, and why/whether conscious celibacy is an... Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Is No Sex Still Sex Positive?

  A brilliant and counter-intuitive comment from reader jordanb in the "Rear Ended by Porn" comment thread is the inspiration for today's post. Check it out: Becky I'm interested to know if you've ever thought about abstinence from a sex positive feminist... Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond-Readers Strap On!: Your Response to "Rear Ended by Porn"

  The reader response to "Rear Ended by Porn" was big and vocal, and frankly, pretty awesome, with plenty of you bitches bringing up aspects of the debate that I didn't write about in the original post. There was hateration, too, but I chalk that up to the fact that when you encourage women to take... Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Rear-Ended by Porn

Since I wrote some posts blaming sexual behavior trends on porn--including the new enthusiasm for facial cumshots and FFM threesomes--I've gotten multiple reader mail requests to discuss one more staple of mainstream hetero porn: anal sex. A disclaimer before we start: I am not arguing against... Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond-Menage a Trois: Part Deux

After I posted about threesomes over the weekend, a bunch of comments came flooding in. The responses—both on Bitch and on Facebook–were smart, expressive and even... Read more »

Bed, Bath & Beyond: Three Times the Fun? Or Just Sloppy Thirds?

    From the reader mailbag: Curious to know what you and Bitch readers think about threesomes. I tried a threesome, and feelings got hurt just like I'd feared they might. I think you gotta be very sure there's no competition between the three, and everyone really is into it (probably obvious, but... Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Revenge is Ours

We have an endless fascination with tales of women and revenge, from cheating husbands forced to grovel in public to a little well-executed arson in an evil ex's home. But while schadenfreude makes for fun reading, does the media's rush to cover stories of public payback help perpetuate stereotypes... Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond-Ex Sex: The Ultimate Recycling

In which I ponder the pleasures and perils of having sex with your ex. Does familiarity--or a breakup--breed contempt? Or are your exes a valuable resource in what my friends and I call women's "anti-celibacy campaign?" Read more »