The Biotic Woman

The Biotic Woman: Talking About Transphobia and Ecofeminism With Ida Hammer

Ida Hammer has been writing The Vegan Ideal for several years as a way to examine and deconstruct overlapping oppressions. Her work centers on undoing transphobia in vegetarian and ecofeminist communities. Ida was kind of enough to speak with me recently about... Read more »

The Biotic Woman: What Big AR Gets Wrong

Last week, I got a message in my inbox: Starbucks is now selling vegan cookies!!!! Vegan revolution OMG!! And my cynical first thought was, "What? And why the hell should I patronize an... Read more »

The Biotic Woman: A Conversation About Rewilding with Caroline Fraser

Ecosystems—systems, mind you—are as much interconnected and interdependent on us as we are on them. It's a simple premise, but understanding how to mitigate and undo the harm done to the planet by humans is another matter. Caroline Fraser, author of... Read more »

The Biotic Woman: A Conversation About Carnism with Melanie Joy (Pt. 2)

A professor and psychologist who works to promote empowering relationships between humans, animals, and the earth, Dr. Melanie Joy recently spoke with me at length about her new book,... Read more »

The Biotic Woman: Is Temple Grandin an activist?

Claire Danes is starring in a new HBO movie premiering tonight based on the life's work of animal scientist, livestock consultant, inventor, and writer Dr. Temple Grandin. In the past, I've said that Grandin's work might bring people closer to understanding animals as sentient beings, deserving of... Read more »

The Biotic Woman: Ecopsychology

This weekend, the New York Times Magazine—a publication I admittedly adore—asked what I consider to be a very simple question: "Is There An Ecological Unconscious?" Should we be thankful when these issues are covered by... Read more »

The Biotic Woman: Reclaiming "Cow"

If you're reading the Bitch blog, chances are you've decided that you aren't too terribly offended by the b-word. But what about the c-word? In contemplating the state of modern environmental issues and food politics, I'm thinking that it might be time to reclaim the big C—cow. Read more »

The Biotic Woman: Intro to ecofeminism

With "green" being all the rage the last few years, it's no wonder environmental issues have become so mainstream. But media savvy and socially responsible feminists know that environmentalism and ecofeminism are not new ideas, even as many of the relationships between the planet and women's... Read more »