Bitchtapes: SXSW 2011 pt. 1

It’s South By Southwest season again, and Bitch is descending on Austin to get in on the music, film, and interactive conferences for the ten days. Stay tuned for coverage of everything from film reviews, to music interviews, to write-ups on... Read more »

BitchTapes: Women of the Stage

Is your knowledge of musical theater limited to the Oscar-winning adaptation of Chicago and the latest episode of... Read more »

BitchTapes: Lady Minstrels

Ever wonder what happened to the women musicians of New Weird America? Me too! Take a stroll through the fragrant foliage of female-made neo-psychedlic folk… Read more »

BitchTapes: Beach Party Revisited!

Since roughly half of the US and much of the rest of the northern hemisphere is slushing through the snow and ice right now, we thought it might be nice to revisit a BitchTapes mix from last year in the hopes of warming things up a little. Beach Party,... Read more »

BitchTapes: Torch Songs for Broken Hearts

You know when a break-up hurts so much that you think no one else could possibly understand how you feel? Torch songs understand. They feel your pain, and they channel it through the voices of like-minded torch-bearers who can sing much better than you can sing, and who are willing to do it for you... Read more »

Bitchtapes: Nostalgia

For those feeling wistful or sentimental, I present a mix of tracks that speak of nostalgia, and also evoke my own personal memories of specific times and emotions. What songs make you nostalgic? Track list after the jump! Read more »

BitchTapes: Extended NYE Edition!

It seems only fitting that I'm able to help Bitchtapes ring in the new year. For me, the '00s (I still haven't figured out what I want to call this decade) started with an actual mixed tape from a new friend, who has since been through the ringer with me. And in thinking about it today... Read more »

BitchTapes: It's The Night Before Christmas

  Mixing classics with covers, this edition of BitchTapes contains some of our favorite Christmas songs, spanning decades, genres, and levels of corniness. From Thao Nguyen to Loretta Lynn and from Kristy MacColl to Eartha Kitt, you're sure to hear something you'll like. Plus, our mix... Read more »

BitchTapes: Lux

Light, in the winter months, feels like a commodity. As the days get shorter and darkness encroaches we tend to recede into our homes earlier in the evening, where we can create our own light. This source, electric, solar, and imagined, receives a new awareness in the wintertime, and perhaps a... Read more »

BitchTapes: Gifts!

This week marked the beginning of Hanukkah, which in turn marked the beginning of the gift buying/giving frenzy that happens at the end of every year. Here's a soundtrack to keep you company while you shop (nudge, nudge):  Read more »