The Body Electric

The Body Electric: Goodnight and Good Luck! The Body Electric Signs Off.

Dear Friends: My time with you has come to an end. From the Man Pad to the G20; from RadioLab to the baby binary; from  the amazing Stu Rasmussen to my (apparently controversial) exploration of transphobia; from interviews with artists to profiles of beautiful tattoos--it's been a fantastic journey. My goal was to look at representations of the body in space, time, and pop culture. I hope you have found our time together as illuminating and exciting as I have. If you want to keep up with me, be sure to check out my website here and/or you can follow me on Twitter.  It has been a pleasure sharing my wild and wonderful world with you. Thanks to the folks at Bitch for the opportunity, and for the work they do to make this a better place for all of us. In the meantime, I wish you all good...

The Body Electric: Trans Women Subvert Religious Imagery

 *Thanks to the poster who brought up a great point about the symantics of spacing. Changes are reflected throughout. An HIV prevention group in Spain--the LGBT Collective of Madrid--recently released a calendar that featured trans women posed as the Virgin Mary. Of course, controversy was... Read more »

The Body Electric: Alexis Amann on Bearded Ladies, Narwhals, and Riot Grrls

Girl Loves Narwhal, 2008 (acrylic gouache on paper) Alexis Amann, a San Francisco based artist, creates art that reimagines the familiar in the world of myth. In the sprawling, inventive landscape of her work, women find soulmates in Narwhals, bearded ladies pal around with kindly demons, and... Read more »

The Body Electric-Tattoo Part IV (and V and VI): My Continued Response to the Crappy Magazine, "Inked"

In my ongoing attempt to bring you amazing tattoos on queers and/or women--and the often even more amazing stories behind them--I have a treat for you this post. From the vault of a project I'm doing archiving the tattoo stories of people I like, I am happy to introduce you to Arwen--a fantastic... Read more »

The Body Electric: Why Kurt From "Glee" Is My TV Hero

My girlfriend and I often discuss how "Glee" is the campiest show on television--and much like its subject--its rosy perspective on the empowering potential of "show choir" is simultaneously refreshingly earnest and completely fantastic. In fact, "Glee" feels like a queer, television version of... Read more »

The Body Electric-Disembodied Voices: An Argument for Reading (and Radio)!

I love the meditations on science done by the folks at Radiolab about as much, if not more, as I love the magical, everyday brand of storytelling of This American Life (if you are not a listener of both, I highly suggest you download every episode possible as soon as you're done reading). Recently... Read more »

The Body Electric: Oh, Baby Binary!

The Baby Gender Mentor (I kid you not)  was in the news this past June when six moms sued its maker after its apparent lack of accuracy in predicting the sex (more on that in a minute) of their babies. The New York Daily News reported that one of the women felt her marriage ended because the Baby... Read more »

The Body Electric: Tattoo Part III: Nine Waves and Big Beginnings

As part of my ongoing effort to bring you incredible tattoos and the stories behind them--and after my experience seeing the fantastic film "9" (have you seen it yet, by the way?)--I thought it only fitting to introduce you to Clare McBee, and the story behind her gorgeous leg piece, located in a... Read more »

The Body Electric: Dear Bigots, Stop Having Children (A Rant)

 Dear Bigot Parents: Note that I won't call you "intolerant" because I don't think it's about "tolerance." Nobody needs to be tolerated. What needs to happen is you need to get your heads out of your asses and appreciate the rich diversity of life that exists around you. I know you don't like rich... Read more »

The Body Electric: On "9" and Its Canvas-Bodied Heroes

  Though I appreciated and enjoyed "Wall-E," I took issue with the baffling insistence of the filmmakers to gender the robots. A love story between machines is an interesting prospect with very queer implications, but clearly signaling gender seems like a counterintuitive safeguarding against an... Read more »

The Body Electric-Bodies as Weapons: When the G20 Comes to Your Hometown

    You know what? I get it. The G20 is a symbol of everything that's wrong with globalized capitalism. Protesting their gatherings makes a lot of sense to me. This year the G20 is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we are once again awash in apocalyptic images of police-state riot gear and angry... Read more »