The Body Electric

The Body Electric-Tattoo Part II: Big Beautiful

Not "Inked": one stunning tattoo story. Read more »

The Body Electric: Tattoo Magazines and the Big Dumb

That's my arm. I thought it only fair, if discussing the representation of tattoos, to be up front about my own. This one, taken directly from a life science textbook, falls in line with most of the work I've had done: science-y and metaphorical: half-directive, half-reminder.  I like getting... Read more »

The Body Electric: Whole Foods Tells Me What I Need

What does good health have to do with $$$? Whole Foods knows! Read more »

The Body Electric: Man Pad

  Is the Tampax campaign transphobic, sexist, subversive, or--somehow--all of the above? Read more »

The Body Electric: Are They God?

According to the Associated Press, Caster Semenya's father recently asked--regarding the people insinuating that his daughter is not a woman--"Are they God?" The eighteen-year-old South African world champion track star, who first drew attention because of her "masculine" appearance, has been the... Read more »