Daddy Issues

Song Debut: Daddy Issue's "Unicorns and Rainbows"

There are two main things I like about Nashville-based trio Daddy Issues. 

Daddy Issues: What's It All About?

Over the last two months, I’ve written more than 20,000 words (!) about male primary caregivers in popular culture. I hope I’ve illustrated that while the rise in non-stereotypical portrayals of men is in some ways a step forward, it... Read more »

Daddy Issues: But What About The Moms?

While I ended my last post by snarkily suggesting that pop culture’s fascination with fathers might give way to an interest in motherhood, the truth is a lot of messages about moms are already encoded in... Read more »

Daddy Issues: Pop Culture's Pioneering Single Dads

If you’d asked me a couple of months ago when the pop cultural trend of dads as primary caregivers began, I might have guessed the 1970s (when we saw an increase in single moms on TV... Read more »

Daddy Issues: Keeping it (Upper Middle) Classy

With its over the top premise and mining of dementia for “comedy”, I could never get into Raising Hope, but there’s one thing I do appreciate about the sitcom: it’s one of very few successful shows to... Read more »

Daddy Issues: The Mixed Blessings of "Dadvertising"

Obviously it’s not always possible to tell when the dad in an ad is a primary caregiver, but there’s been an increase in dad-centric TV commercials this year, with... Read more »

Daddy Issues: Is Baby Daddy the New Three Men and a Baby?

There are some obvious similarities between 2012 sitcom Baby Daddy and 1987’s Three Men and a Baby. They’... Read more »

Daddy Issues: What's a Manny Gotta Do To Get Some Respect?

Men who care for children are afforded high status in pop culture if their role is part of some macho, justice-seeking mission (The Pacifier, Kindergarten Cop) or incidental to their real... Read more »

Daddy Issues: The Unexpected Parenting Insights of What to Expect When You

(Contains spoilers.) I’d read conflicting accounts of What to Expect When You’re Expecting: while Bitch’s own Andi and Kelsey previously pointed out many of its flaws, Bitchflicks called it an... Read more »

Daddy Issues: What Happens When Stay-at-Home-Dads Have Had Enough?

There are lots of different dads on Parenthood: single dads, married dads, almost-stepdads, mostly absent dads, and of course, stay-at-home dad Joel Graham (Sam Jaeger). Married to high-powered attorney Julia (Erika... Read more »

Daddy Issues: The New Normal, the Same Old Bigotry

The New Normal isn’t the first time we’ve seen gay dads (in this case, dads-to-be) on TV. But from Will & Grace’s Jack McFarland to... Read more »