Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues: Modern Family's Old-Fashioned Values

It’s not that I don’t enjoy Modern Family, exactly. It’s a slick sitcom that showcases some great acting and witty writing. But despite including characters who... Read more »

Daddy Issues: The Incomparable Influence of Non-Dad "Dads"

There are lots of films where single men act as surrogate fathers, from the John Wayne flick 3 Godfathers to Annie, Curly Sue, Fred Claus, About a Boy, Role Models, Happythankyoumoreplease [yep], Kindergarten Cop, Big Daddy... Read more »

Daddy Issues: The Pursuit of Happyness and the Trouble with the American Dream

While many men would apparently prefer a son to a daughter, that isn’t reflected in pop culture, where most movies and TV shows about single or... Read more »

Daddy Issues: Lorelai Gilmore, Savior of Single Dads (And Why That's A Problem)

In comparison to single moms elsewhere, on Gilmore Girls, they’re heroes. In fact, when it comes to parenting... Read more »

Daddy Issues: Murphy Brown and the Persistent Pestilence of Single Moms

While men who unexpectedly become single parents are often presented as inspirational, women in the same position tend to be vilified. Take Murphy Brown. The show’s eponymous lead character, a TV journalist, became pregnant in her early... Read more »

Daddy Issues: How Surprise Single Fatherhood Makes Men's Lives Worth Living

The idea that fatherhood redeems men, turning them into proper grown-ups (and thus acceptable members of society) is an enduring pop cultural preoccupation. In Three Men and A Baby, the... Read more »

Daddy Issues: Blossom and the Trouble with

Brainy, outspoken, and with a fashion sense all her own, Blossom modeled confidence (and oh, so many hats) for a generation of teenage girls. Along with unquashable self-esteem, she also possessed that mixed... Read more »

Daddy Issues: Where Are All The Single Dads of Color? (Not on TV...)

Sister, Sister is still one of very few shows to feature a single father of color. Read more »

Daddy Issues: Clueless Dads and Daughter-Wives

The first time we see Bill Sanford in Coyote Ugly, his daughter Violet is cooking him egg whites and urging him to stick to his diet. The first time we see Mel Horowitz in Clueless, his daughter Cher is telling him to drink his orange juice and reminding him about his doctor... Read more »

Daddy Issues: Junior and the Myth of How Women are Never Satisified

A man gestating and giving birth to a baby! Can you even imagine? Well, yes. But 1994 was a different time. A time when men having babies was science fiction but Emma Thompson snogging Arnold Schwarzenegger was... Read more »