The H-word

The H-Word: Who You Calling a Hooker?

As important as it is for activists to establish sex work as work, it is equally important we acknowledge that not everybody who sells sex calls themselves a sex worker. As the current feminist debates about the Slutwalk march make all too clear, there is power and privilege in reclaiming a word... Read more »

Happy Halloween from the H-Word!

What does a sex worker look like? Not like “Captain Hooker” here. (Well, maybe sometimes, but not always.) Read more »

The H-Word: She Works Hard For the Money (So You Better Treat Her Right.)

I did it for the money but it was also true that I enjoyed it. Like no job I’d had before, stripping took skills. Yes, it was physically strenuous, but it was not only physical. Interacting with customers required intelligence and personality. I was free to be myself—or, at least, a part... Read more »

The H-Word: Q & A with Tits and Sass!

Tits and Sass is a blog written and run by sex workers who saw a void when it came to a smart, witty response to the public image of the sex industry.  The ideas promoted about sex workers in the public eye have as much an impact on the realities of the... Read more »

The H-Word: "I Loved My Double Life"

“Working as a dominatrix was empowering. I dressed exotically, did creative roleplay, and was worshipped—physically and psychologically—on a regular basis. It helped me cope with my other part-time job: receptionist.”   Read more »

The H-Word: Jenny talks about her "Private Parts"

“I started dancing seven years ago. On the topic of prostitution, I generally say, you know, I have sex for many different reasons in many different contexts. I guess that’s a buffer, a way of easing discomfort. I suppose I like that people are interested in my work, so long as it comes from... Read more »

The H-Word: Reflections on Sex, Power, and Speaking the Truth

This weekend Sex, Power and Speaking the Truth: Anita Hill 20 Years Later convened to discuss women’s ability speak up against gender inequality and abuses of power, with a focus on the intersectionality of race, class and gender in defining a... Read more »

The H-Word: Nafissatou Diallo

Sex (work) sells, but at whose expense? Read more »

The H-Word: Paper Crane: Antonia Crane Writes About Recession Sex Workers

“It all started with Stephen Elliot. I read his book My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up while in grad school and I started following him. I discovered the Rumpus and submitted an essay. I got rejected... Read more »

The H-Word: "I'm a Whore"

“I’m a whore, a proud whore. What does this word mean? A whore is a prostitute, sex worker, hustler, degenerate, scum in a female body. I call myself a whore revolutionary. I consider myself a survivor.” Read more »