Isn't He Lovely?

Isn't He Lovely: The Body Politics of Male Balding

When I started dating a bald man, the first questions my friends fired my way about him had nothing to do with his background, employment or interests. Repeatedly, they’d bypass the pleasantries and skip straight to his hair: So, is he really bald, or does he choose to shave his head? How... Read more »

Isn't He Lovely: Short Man Stigma

But the short stigma is even more pervasive—if subtle—in everyday life. For while studies and surveys about women’s perceived attractiveness and height result in a muddled mix of preferences for statures diminutive and statuesque, things aren’t so fluid for men. Research repeatedly... Read more »

Isn't He Lovely: Bare Down There and Everywhere Else

While mulling over the male quest for muscularity a few posts ago, I brought up the notion of the “sanitized ideal” that has recently become de rigueur for the mainstream masculine body image. We’re talking hair-free, sweat-... Read more »

Isn't He Lovely: Why the Old Spice Guy Wasn't All that Revolutionary for Black Men in Advertising

Earlier this year, personal care product brand Nivea pulled a men’s skincare ad and issued a public apology for its blatantly racist undertones. As reported on over at GOOD magazine, the... Read more »

Isn't He Lovely: Guy Talk with Hugo Schwyzer of the Good Men Project

Before I got too much farther in “Isn’t He Lovely,” I figured it would be a good idea to chat with a male about this whole “male beauty” business. Hugo Schwyzer is a proud feminist, the Gender and Sexuality Editor over at... Read more »

Isn't He Lovely: The Cult of Muscularity

While I’m dubious that the Western female body ideal can be reliably found within in the pages of Playboy, a similar evolution has occurred in the sister (?) publication, Playgirl. A team of psychologists... Read more »


Pop culture’s image ideals for men come with their own complications and double standards, which are worth addressing as thoroughly as those leveled toward women. Just as Western female beauty ideals are modeled around straight, white women, Western male beauty standards worship at the altar... Read more »