The Lady is a Tramp

The Lady Is a Tramp: To Tango, To Touch

I think we in the US get that notion confused in our exploitative, mushily erotic society, where every touch is perceived as sexually charged yet suspect–due to, among other influences, homophobia, soap operas, rom-coms, romance novels, porn, puritanism, rape culture, and music videos–that some folks fail to understand the in-between physical contact, which is where quite a bit of partner dancing rests, especially if someone is learning how to dance in a duo for the first time in a studio setting.

The Lady Is a Tramp: I Heart Cassandra Wilson

With that voice—and her incredible phrasing–Wilson can turn almost any song into a standard for the America Songbook. Read more »

The Lady Is a Tramp: The Trojan Horse and Debrahlee Lorenzana

I’m not sure Debrahlee Lorenzana counted on her case becoming a Trojan horse for the media rolling out their usual racialized sexism. Read more »

The Lady Is a Tramp: Sexism, Ageism, and the Gores

Then I started pinpointing where my discomfort rested: though people—including me—sexualized Mr. Gore (on Twitter, at least) either as object of lust or of sexual derision, rarely did I hear anyone say the same either way about Ms. Gore. Read more »

The Lady is a Tramp: Kim Cattrall Isn't A Cougar...and Neither is Samantha

Yes, I said Samantha from Sex and the City is a Size Queen. But I’d never call Samantha a cougar. Neither would Kim Cattrall–and she refuses the label for herself. To the point she refused to pose with an... Read more »

The Lady Is A Tramp: Aiyana Stanley-Jones at the Altar of the Media

I'm taking a moment from my usual sexing-it-up posts because of the little girl pictured above. For those who don't know, her name is Aiyana Stanley Jones. And she's dead. Her family just buried her this week. She didn't die from leukemia or in a drunk-driving accident or at the hands of an... Read more »

The Lady Is a Tramp: Death to the Size Queen Myth

I guess I should have seen it crouching in the corners of the workshop. It lurked in a chat I had with another woman about my recent post on Trojan Magnums and its trading on the Big Black Penis stereotype… Then it sprang forth… Read more »

The Lady Is a Tramp: Safer-Sex Kit Survey Says...

If you could bundle the perfect safer-sex kit, what would you put in it? Read more »

The Lady Is A Tramp: Auntiehood

…what the heck could I possibly tell him, being a bit of an outlier in my own family? Perhaps it’s that exact status that allows me to be the perfect aunt. Read more »

The Lady Is a Tramp: Eco-Sex Is Green

When it comes to eco-sex, people of color are…where? Read more »

The Lady is a Tramp: The Magnum Campaign and Ye Olde Black Male Penis Myth

As much as we complain about hip-hop and rap staying mostly “unconscious” about reproductive-justice issues (the only cut to this day discussing pro-choice options is Digable Planets’ “Femme Fetale”—and that came out 15 years ago),... Read more »