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Mad World: Toy Ads and Learning Gender

I recently watched afternoon cartoons on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and I was shocked to find a flood of highly gendered toy commercials. These ads not only market toys to children but they also promote and encourage gender-specific values that are very limiting to boys and girls in different ways. The values and skills promoted in these commercials can play a critical role in the socalization of youth and their development of emotional expression, conflict resolution, the confidence to pursue various careers and the ability to maintain healthy relationships as adults.

Mad World: Thanks!

As many of you know, we’ve been hosting Mad World here on the Bitch blogs (and around town) since March, and we’ve had a great time discussing advertising, gender, and identity as a part of this series. However, as Johnny... Read more »

Mad World: The Naked Truth

Calling all Mad World readers! Our second Mad World Forum is next week, on October 20, right here in Portland! We'll be discussing The Naked Truth: Body image, Photoshop, and... Read more »

Mad World: The Most Sexist Ad in America

Last week, Consumerist posted the results to their Worst Ad in America poll. Winners (well, losers) include the McDonald’s “not until I’ve had my coffee” guy and Jimmy the Extenze... Read more »

Mad World: Trojan Vibrator Goes Primetime, Kind of

Those of you who have cable may have seen a new product advertised recently: the Trojan Tri-Phoria. Now, TV ads for vibrators aren’t exactly headline news (in fact, we ran a charticle on... Read more »

Mad World: Retro Sexism and

Marketers are increasingly using Retro Sexism to sell products. This form of advertising uses irony and humour as a way to distance itself from the sexist and/or racist representations and stereotypes they perpetuate. Retro Sexism (n.): Modern attitudes and behaviors that mimic or glorify sexist... Read more »

Mad World: Dove Deodorant is Just for Pretty Babies

Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too many episodes of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch lately and therefore keep seeing the same online ads, but this Dove Clinical Strength commercial is everywhere I... Read more »

Use your imagination: an interview with the women of Sociological Images

From PBR to Pampers, Lisa Wade and Gwen Sharp of the blog ... Read more »

Have we come a long way? An interview with Jean Kilbourne

Jean Kilbourne made the first Killing Us Softly film in 1979. Now with several books under her belt and Killing Us Softly 4 out this spring, Kilbourne obviously hasn’t stopped her activism in media criticism–whether it’s following the increased sexualization of children in ads or... Read more »

Mad World: The Podcast

If you like reading our Mad World series on gender, identity, and advertising, you’re going to *love* listening to the podcast! Click on the player below to hear interviews with the folks from... Read more »

Mad World: Back to School

Well, it’s time to go back to school again. And you know how I know? Because of television commercials, which give me all the information I need on what it takes to be a cool kid these days. (Hint: channel your favorite High School Musical Version of Glee character, then press fast forward.) Read more »