Race Card

Race Card: Asians with Perms

Is cultural assimilation ever funny? Yes, says the irreverent Jen Wang of website Disgrasian. “Normally…the things non-white people do to look like white people because that’s what’s considered beautiful are sad and sometimes dangerous,” she argues. There’s one exception, though—Asians with perms. Wang said that trend, which peaked in the early ’90s, is hilarious.

Race Card: American or United Statesian?

Black or African American? Latino or Hispanic? Native American or American Indian? Debates break out all the time about the best terms to use for certain ethnic groups, but many in the U.S. haven’t the faintest idea about the controversy that’s long surrounded the term “American.”... Read more »

Race Card: Hip-Hop Club Unwanted in Park Slope

Brooklyn’s been home to rappers from Foxy Brown to Mos Def to Notorious B.I.G. The New York City borough is such a hotspot for hip hop that the shout-out “Where Brooklyn at?” is a staple in rap songs. Plus, each year Brooklyn hosts an annual hip-hop festival where rap royalty such as Q-Tip,... Read more »

Race Card: John Galliano

The past week has been awful for designer John Galliano. He was arrested, trashed by Natalie Portman, and fired from Dior. By... Read more »

Race Card: How the Academy Awards Bungled Race

After the 83rd Academy Awards, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel quipped that the only African-American nominee at the Oscars was Black Swan. "Happy Black History Month," he added sardonically. Kimmel's far from the only one bemoaning the dearth of black Oscar nominees this year. Clearly, the... Read more »

Race Card: Anti-Abortion Billboards Target Black Women

There's been an uproar in New York all this week about an anti-abortion billboard in Soho. The billboard featured a little black girl with the message, "The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb." Launched by anti-abortion group Life Always, the billboard served as a... Read more »

Race Card: Beyonc

I hate to overload you with Beyoncé news, but just after I critiqued the Daily Mail op-ed accusing her of looking too white, news broke that Beyoncé... Read more »

Race Card: Plastic Surgery and People of Color

The impetus for double eyelid surgery is debated in the recent New York Times piece "Ethnic Differences Emerge in Plastic Surgery." Read more »

Race Card: Has Beyonc

Is Beyoncé Knowles' bleached blonde hair and light skin reason enough to accuse the singer of racial treason? Yes, says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who just penned a piece in... Read more »

Race Card: Xenophobia and Racism Surface in Reaction to Reporter Lara Logan

Now that word's spread about the assault she endured, Logan is being re-victimized by those who say that an attractive white woman with blonde hair should've known better than to make her way through a mob of brown, Muslim men. Why didn't Logan realize that all Arab men are misogynistic beasts who... Read more »

Race Card: Why it Matters that a Black Woman Exposed Chris Lee

If you're a married congressman, it's probably not a good idea to send shirtless photos of yourself to women you encounter on Craigslist. New York Congressman Christopher Lee found that out the hard way after a woman he'd exchanged flirtatious emails with—including the shirtless one—outed him on... Read more »