Race Card

Race Card: Maybelline

Makeup giant Maybelline has a newsletter of sorts in which consumers answer a few questions and get tips on choosing products most suitable for their look. An Asian-Canadian blogger who uses the moniker Rasilla was happy enough to answer Maybelline's... Read more »

Race Card: Ishmael Reed on

If you've yet to read Ishamel Reed's editorial "Fade to White" in the New York Times about Precious, get to it post-haste! In the piece, Reed makes some excellent points about portrayals of black men in popular culture and... Read more »

Race Card: Why Are Pregnant Migrant Women in Arizona Being Shackled?

Last year authorities arrested expectant mother Miriam Mendiola-Martinez, an undocumented immigrant, and charged her with using someone else's identity to work. After the incarcerated Mendiola-Martinez delivered a baby boy Dec. 21 via C-section at Maricopa Medical Center in Arizona, she was... Read more »

Race Card: Oscars Continue to Ignore Asian Americans and U.S.-Born Latinos

Just 14 years ago, the Rev. Jesse Jackson called for a boycott of the Academy Awards due to the dearth of African American entertainers nominated for Oscars. In the new millennium, however, the Academy Awards have... Read more »

Race Card: From Adopting Haitian Kids to Giving Them Your Breast Milk

From the outset of the Haitian earthquake, I was a bit turned off by the coverage of white American families adopting Haitian children. It's not that I object to transracial/international adoption. It's just that major news networks seemed to devote more time to white Americans trying to adopt... Read more »

Race Card: If Successful White Women Can Find Love, Then So Can Successful Black Women

The Pew Research Center's report about the rising number of women who make more money and have more education than their husbands is everywhere—from the Guardian to CBS News to the New York Times. The Times, in particular, stresses that an increase in the rate of female "breadwinners" actually... Read more »

Race Card: Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Race and Domestic Violence

Which celebrity has earned more bad press for reported acts of domestic violence—Chris Brown or Charlie Sheen? When gossip Web site TMZ.com criticized Brown Jan. 21 for appearing with designer Jean Paul... Read more »

Race Card: Corinne Bailey Rae and Zadie Smith Navigate Race and Art

Works by two mixed-race Brits—musician Corinne Bailey Rae and writer Zadie Smith—have recently been profiled in the New York Times. Both women navigate their collective white and Caribbean... Read more »

Race Card: Skin Lightening Creams Promise Happiness, Come with Risks

Dermatologists are seeing a rise in the number of women with skin problems stemming from bleaching creams. Thinning of skin, bruising and acne are some of the adverse effects doctors have noticed. Despite the risks of skin bleaching, sales of lightening creams are strong, the New York Times... Read more »