Raising Trouble

Raising Trouble: Thanks for Reading

"Raising Trouble" wants to thank you for being great hosts! Also, some thoughts about TV, video games and sex.

Raising Trouble: "When Can I Wear Lipstick?"

My four-year-old son wonders when he will be old enough to wear lipstick to school. Read more »

Raising Trouble: Worst Toy of the Year?

Vote for worst toy of the year! Read more »

Raising Trouble: In Defense of Brangelina

“Raising Trouble” has been silent for too long on the absurd hubbub surrounding Brangelina “dressing Shiloh as a boy.” Read more »

Raising Trouble: It's Natural

When it comes to gender, members of the media just LOVE reporting with breathless astonishment on research that appears to reinforce conventional wisdom. Sometimes it takes a certain amount of squishing to make it fit said conventional wisdom; cf. coverage of just about every study on daycare's... Read more »

Raising Trouble: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Three-year-old Jim leaned over and gave his four-year-old neighbor, Ivan, a big smooch on the lips. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" yelled Jim's dad, making no effort to hide his distress. The kids didn't seem to notice Dad's outburst, but it's a message that children, especially boys, hear a lot: "Don't be... Read more »

Raising Trouble: More Bad Guys

"Why are there no bad guys in our neighborhood?" Ivan asked me recently, after emerging from a movie theater. The previews had presented a full line-up of villains – in 3-D, no less. Ivan had been trying hard to find some real-life miscreants, wondering daily about the boisterous youth on our... Read more »

Raising Trouble: Tim Burton's "Alice"

No matter how subtle and cerebral – or in the case of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 tale, wonderfully meandering and weird – the original story, these days, Hollywood will figure out how to transform it into an action movie. Read more »

Raising Trouble: Just to Personalize This A Bit...

There's at least one dimension to the Harvard story that I – and the mainstream media – missed the other day. The douchebag angle! Read more »

Raising Trouble

Sex differences are a source of ribald glee around our house. It's gender that's perplexing. Read more »